Dylan Fox And The Wave

Dylan Fox And The Wave

 Carlsbad, California, USA
BandRockNew Age

Blues influenced rock from space


Consisting of brothers Dylan and Sean Fox (22, 24). There were a ton of bands over the years, that we made and played in but the earliest incarnation of Dylan Fox And The Wave came on December 27th and 28th of 2010. The 27th they played to a sold out room at San Franciscos Slims and a day later released their first EP "FUZZ" to much buzz on the blogoshpere. A new ep came quickly, recorded at different fur studios in 2 days with the help pf Patricks Brown, whos previous work includes fellow bay area band The Morning Benders. After the release of this some shows were played and soon after a break was taken. After some time, the decision to add more instruments was rather what happened, than what was planned. And with that came the release of THE WHILD CHILD MIX-TAPE released in September 2011. "Its my favorite batch of songs we've done yet" says Dylan. The release of this was followed by encouraging reviews and a number of shows.


Tunnel Vision-2011