Dylan James

Dylan James


I'm the boy at the front and the songs are mine but the band makes me more than your average singer/songwriter. I play guitar driven indie rocknroll with influences along the lines of Brendan Benson and Graham Coxon. My music is not about being famous or pandering to whats 'cool'.


Now aged 27. I'm from Colchester in the UK. I've been writing songs for several years. Last year i finally got a band line-up to play gigs and decided to release music on my own label.

Since doing this i've had plays on Radio 1, 6 music, Xfm and MTV2 this year and also in the final of roadtov so will be on channel 4 in the summer and could be playing V Festival aswell!


Talking to Yourself - Single
Sometimes I Rock Sometimes I Roll - Single

(airplay on Radio 1, Xfm, 6Music, MTV2, Channel 4)

Set List

Typical set is half an hour of original songs.