Dylan Kight

Dylan Kight

 Athens, Georgia, USA

Dylan Kight's most current collection, Places In Between, is his most personal. “The people and places are all true,” said Kight reflecting on his latest release. After The Nightbirds Revolt (Kight’s second record) which was a 14 song evolution that took five months to complete. He set out for something more direct. Places In Between was recorded with producer David Barbe (Son Volt, Drive-By Truckers, R.E.M.) in Athens, GA. All six songs were captured in the first two or three takes with minimal


Dylan Kight hails from Atlanta, GA. He began recording 4 track demos as early as the age of 14. He cut his teeth playing in garage rock bands in his teens. All the while recording his still unpolished form of british inspired folk music in his basement. This is something that is still prevalent at the core of Kights sound. His unique blend of americana and British pop music.

Dylan Kight got a break when local studio owner, Chuck Jopski, let him record during the "down" hours of the studio. Kight took the opportunity and recorded 2 solo albums and an EP. Which all received regional press. During this period Dylan toured regionally and worked with countless bands on stage and in the studio.

In the spring of 2010 Kight worked with David Barbe to make arguably his best work to date, Places In Between. 6 songs recorded in one day and an additional day to mix. Kight and Barbe created sparse but moving foundations for some of Kight's most personal work to date.

Dylan Kight has had the honor of sharing bills with The Cave Singers, Tim Easton, Hotel Lights (of Ben Folds Five fame), Matthew Ryan, Jennifer OConnor, Bain Mattox, The Ravenna Colt(of My Morning Jacket fame), Roman Candle, Langhorne Slim & The War Eagles and Bobby Long to name a few. Dylan has been a member of Daydream Deferred, Casamino, The Trangressors, The Morgan Rowe Band, The Exile Circus, & The Atlantis to name a few.


The Nightbirds Revolt (2007)
No Destination but Heartbreak Avenue (2006)
Places In Between (2010)
Sweet Misery (2006)

Set List

30 minute sets all the way to two 45 minute sets.