Dylan LeBlanc

Dylan LeBlanc


Its an edgy, shaky piece of work that does its best to decribe the depths of humanity.


Dylan LeBlanc is a songwriter singer that tries to be true to the heart and the music speaks for itself youve just got to listen.


Sessions from the cold mountain

1. Changing Of The Seasons
2. Tuesday Night Rain
3. On With The Night
4. If Time Was For Wasting
5. Emma Hartley
6. If The Creek Dont Rise
7. Low
8. Coyote Creek
9. No Kind Of Forgiveness
10. 5th Ave Bar
11. For The Very First Time
12. Aint To Good At Losing

Set List

Changing of the seasons
If time was for wasting
Tuesday night rain
Coyote creek
On with the night
No Kind of forgiveness
5th Ave Bar
For the very first time
Emma hartley
If the creek dont rise
Aint to good at losing