Dylan Morrison

Dylan Morrison


My music is honest and direct. With passion filled lyrics and folk influence, I combine alternative and folk genres.


Dylan Morrison has been hailed a breath of fresh air in the folk music community. With his original “indie folk” style Morrison has gained the respect of folk and alternative musicians alike. By blending beautiful folk harmonies with painfully honest lyrics Morrison has the ability to captivate any audience and command any stage.

Morrison got his start playing local wineries and cafes in the Wenatchee Valley several years ago. After developing a following in the area, Morrison took to the studio in the fall of 2006 where he recorded West Toward the Ocean on the ////Records Label. A well received effort, Morrison began to play more venues around the state spreading his words and music. Shortly after West Toward the Ocean in the spring of 2007 Morrison began work on his second full length EP, this time with producer Eric Frank. Morrison completed his second album Sitting in Empty Houses and continued to perform at wineries, concert halls, coffee houses and outdoor festivals.

Morrison has since moved to Seattle where he has begun working on new material. He is continuing to develop a following of fans and draws a crowd from older folk fans as well as younger alternative rock fans. Morrison has had no trouble opening for metal bands or folk musicians do to the fact that his genre reaches such a broad group of people. His influences range from Bob Dylan to Modest Mouse.


The Koala Song

Written By: Dylan Morrison

Christ and the Devil are playing cards
And the winner is going to take my hand
Going to send me off to the valley of the damned
Or take me to the promise land
And I don’t believe in Heaven or Hell
I don’t believe one’s right
If I die and I am wrong well I guess I will pay that price

Well I am walking down the sidewalk streets
And the houses all painted grey
Past the fenced in yard with the sun soaked grass
And the drive-way with the Chevrolet
And I have been here since God knows when
And I don’t think much will change
Was I in your dreams did you picture me
Did you ever think it would be this way

Your body is home but you talk shit
And you call it ugly you don’t respect where I live
And you keep me waiting and you keep me scared
I try to keep my mind clear
All the faces of the strangers are all the faces of my friends
Everywhere that I am going I have already been

Bird Size Moth

Written By: Dylan Morrison

Dont listen to what theyll say about me
A bird size moth just touched my soul
Theyll tell you I am crazy
I dont want you to go

I was climbing the walls to sanity
But I always fall
Now the whites of my eyes are stained red
Know I meant to tell you it all
Im not brave enough to let you into my head

I am following your tailights home
I have nothing
I have nothing better to do
I am following your tailights home
All I have is you

Please will you take care of me
I don't even know whats going on
There are so many stars to see
My eyes have been closed for far to
For far too long

Scared of You

Written By: Dylan Morrison

Took a vacation from pills
To prove to myself that my habits arent stronger than will
And I
And I am doing fine
When I left there was so much romance in the road
But now I am beat and and I am broke and I am sick of the load
I am tired

Is this what you want
Is this what you want
Cause you're all that I have got

There is a bar on Virginia Avenue where we would always go
And we would share a smoke in the alley and you'd talk real low
Well you were so much different then maybe I was different too
Somewhere I fell in love now thats all I can do

Well you ask me what I am scared of
The truth is you
I am afraid that if I let go, you'll know whats not true
Im alright
Im alright
for you


West Toward the Ocean (2006) - ////Records
Sitting In Empty Houses (2006) - Chapel St. Records

Set List

I have played 20 minute sets and I have played 2 hour long bar sets. When I play bars I generally play several cover songs by Ryan Adams, Neil Young, Wilco and others.

My usual set list is :
Bird Size Moth
Koala Song
Too Far Gone
From A Cage
Solar Song
The Day After Christmas
Scared of You