Dylan Murray

Dylan Murray


Dylan murray is a unique blend of acoustic folk/rock and reggae. He has been described as John Mayer meets Bob Marley. He appeals to fans of all ages for his great lyrics and his ability to use his voice as an instrument. He also plays acoustic guitar, writes and produces.


Dylan Murray began his career while volunteering in the inner city ghettoes of Jamaica as part of a cultural/poverty awareness project. Dylan taught students in some of Jamaica's toughest ghettoes- He has been writing and performing reggae and acoustic rock for the past 7 years. He has opened for some of the biggest reggae acts in the world including - Sizzla, Beenie Man, and others. But his music stands out on it's own. He also performs beautiful acoustic rock sounds. Check him out at www.dylanmurray.net or www.myspace.com/dylanmurraymusic


I Love The Way You

Written By: Dylan Murray

You came into my life when I was so down
You picked me up onto my feet
and helped me turn myself around
You touched my soul
with the palm of your hand
and you gave me love
what I needed so bad
You're soft like a baby
You're warm like the sun rays
When I hold you I feel I
could spend the rest of my days
now it's my turn to prove
that my heart will feel right
and to give you my love
the love of your life


Listen to me angel
your pain is mine
I'm gonna help you clear your mind
you can live your own life
know your loved ones are fine
you are not alone
cuz I'm right by your side
And just to let you know you reassured my faith in love
so let me touch your soul my angel from above
I'll be gentle with my hands
I promise it won't hurt
let me show you in this life here how much love is worth
And even though your lips to me
feel like it's meant to be
I'm gonna give you all the time that you need
Cuz things change over time that's inevitable
except for my love for you
that won't change a little
and even though right now we're not together
you will be inside my heart for longer than forever
cuz I want to love you up
and we're meant to be link up
I wanted you to know that I will never give you up
Woman your so fine
your body, heart and mind


Don't Wanna Sit Around

Written By: Dylan Murray

Open my eyes again.
I've seen it before but I forget how it ends.
Thinking too deep at times
leaves me short of breath
So please simplify everything for me that's left.

Don't wanna sit around
Never will be found
Following a way of life that brings so many people down.
Everything's so calculated
Give it two more days
maybe she picked up the phone and hesitated
This is who I am today and tomorrow
This is who I am today and tomorrow

Listens to me
but only with her eyes
And the world turns only so many times
I can't wait for you to find me
in your heart beneath your fear
Well I've moved on and you're still here..... Silence describes it best
The less you have, the less you have to impress

And time's the only difference between my dreams and reality
So tell me this is real


If what you say is true
then I'll wait days and days and days for you.
And when you put your pen to paper
I'd rather read you than Shakespeare.
In a poem she once read to me
she lay in my arms so silently
She said she was my guitar and I was her voice and we were in tune
This is my choice.
And I knew it was right
when I kissed your lips that night
It's the feeling inside
that answers all my questions to why
You bring out the best in me
and I wanna bring out the best in you
That's only if you want me to


So Far From The Earth

Written By: Dylan Murray

So I'm finally out of this
Looking now I can't believe there's green over my deck
And I'm feeling better than fine
But it took some time, took my mind
And this rock up in the sky
This is my life and I
can have the world if I want it
And everything on it
This is my life and I
dats tuff dats tuff
dats tuff dats tuff
I've gone so far from the earth
So I knocked down all the walls for my rebirth
I've gone so far from the earth
So I knocked down all the walls for my rebirth
And no one can keep me down
No one can break my vibes
No one can keep me down
No one can break my vibes


White Wing Roots - The EP.

Set List

A typical set list would consist of 8 to 10 tracks. That would include 8 original and maybe two covers - Bob Marley and Sizzla.