Dylan Roth & the Duke Street Kings

Dylan Roth & the Duke Street Kings

 Fords, New Jersey, USA

Raised on a healthy diet of classic rock giants, energized by snappy power pop and tempered by the sobriety of 90s alternative, Dylan Roth has a unique, personal songwriting style, which aims to be fun and witty but also introspective. Think Bruce Springsteen meets Ben Folds Five and Counting Crows.

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Written By: Dylan Roth

When I was 10 I was 20, when I was 20 I was 12
I spent four years of high school trying to be someone else
And then three years of college trying to learn whatever I can
Just to come back for another and find I don't give a damn
I never wanted to grow up, I swore I'd never break down
So I kept dancing in corridors trying to be someone's clown
I never raced for the finish, figured life would find a way
But now time's going faster, going faster every day
And all the storefronts are closing and drifting out to the sea
And I can't even think about what's gonna happen to me
I'm 21 in an instant, I got nothing to fear
And I wanna be 21 while 21's still here

I know I gotta look forward, I know I gotta finish school
But now we're running out of money, yeah, we're running out of fuel
I know the real world keeps turning, I don't wanna stand still
But I'm afraid if no one makes me move then I never will
I've shuffled and I've shambled through a quarter of my life
Before too long I'll have a mortgage, maybe kids and a wife
And all the suburbs will vanish and the coastlines will recede
And it'll be way too late for me to get what I need
Am I too late for adventure? Did I pass up my chance?
Should I have reached for that soft hand and asked her to dance?
I won't be 21 later, I'm only 21 now
And I wanna be 21 while I still know how

Now the world's tipping over, not much more time to be young
My daddy warned me I'd be finished before I knew I'd begun
I got one year left of freedom, 18 months at the best
Then it's a life full of compromise and working to death
I wanna cast of my worries, wanna scream 'em out loud
'Cause there's an old man who'd kill to be where I am right now
I wanna leap without looking, I wanna run some red lights
I wanna make love to a stranger and not spend the night
I wanna run like a child, I wanna walk like a man
I wanna put all my faith in a rock & roll band
I'm 21 for a moment, I'm 21 for a song
and I wanna be 21 before 21's gone


While Dylan has been self-publishing EPs on CD since high school, he has only recently begun to seriously release his music. His first single, "21," was just released this summer on 7-inch vinyl. Both "21" and it's B-side, "Noelle," are also available on iTunes, AmazonMP3, CD Baby and other streaming/download services.

Set List

Life More Manic
Your Own Dying Bedside
Prove It All Night (Bruce Springsteen)
University Ave
Graveyard Song
Tossing Knives
Dance With Me Tonight (The Wonders)
Consider This a Placeholder
One Last Look