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"Beautiful People"

Written By: Dylan Silbermann

Sightseeing in the golden girl suite
You locked it down but I’m sorry I’m that hard to reach
Smile smile in the morning sun, I look around and I see that the day’s begun
Can’t always find all the things to do, but if you’re lucky I’ll go through it along with you
Isn’t it hard? To watch it fall apart?

Go home you can make all the reasons to leave
Be in a club in NYC
You know it’s gonna be easier, when you don’t have to pretend to be
One of the beautiful people

Right in the corner with the hands on the two
Trying to find a reason to believe in the things you do
It wasn’t supposed to be that way I thought you’d learned the arrows can make it sting, make me hurt, watch it light now watch it burn

I tried to be good, I tried to be bad, it never ever worked out according to plan
I tried to forgive I tried to forget, the situation’s complicated, cut me some slack
I want you to know everything that’s wrong and right with you
You built me you missed me you loved me you dissed
You should’ve have known that I’m not missing you


Written By: Jesse Silbermann

Right where you’re hiding the skin is bruised, go and fall into
Her, keep on sinking forever, and never fall through
Hate all the mistakes I need not worry. Go and walk right by
Me, don’t expect to run off, Go and leave me hangin’

Dangerous whether it’s right or wrong
Frightening even when we get alone
All or none with her you’re gonna have to choose
And though you’re dangerous I can’t seem to let you loose
When we said….Oh Oh Oh Oh, Oh Oh Oh Oh

We’re headed to the Tiger, gonna dance into day
But I can’t barely find you, till I see you walkin away
Hey, all the music here it’s all done, back to square one
And to end the night so lonely—yeah it’s no fun!

Do you blame now that I can say, that I’ve had enough
You’re wrong I am where I am and now I see your bluff
Hey, all the kids on the street they can see it, it’s like they knew
And all the eyes are on us now, to what I’m doin’ to you