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Dylan Sires and Neighbors

Waterloo, Iowa, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2013 | SELF | AFM

Waterloo, Iowa, United States | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2013
Band Pop Alternative




"12 Iowa Bands You Should Listen To Now"

There is a simple (and striking) beauty in the harmonies of Dylan Sires and Neighbors and they clearly know it; it’s central in every one of their songs With the porcelain voice of an early ’60s crooner, Sires is joined by the complimentary coos of Klemz and Howland that sigh so softly yet so spot on that it aspires to the highly regarded counter-melody-classes of, say, the Beach Boys or Everly Brothers. But there are also bongos and surfy guitars, warm pianos and subtle drum fills to strike a more energized pop/rock vibe for the crescendos. - Paste Magazine

"80/35 Festival 2013 Recap"

Iowa Public Radio puts on a play-in contest every year for a spot on the main stage at 80/35. This year’s winner, Dylan Sires & Neighbors, won the honor and it proved to be well deserved. They played the very first spot at noon on Saturday to a small, but growing, crowd. The trio, looking sharp as hell in white pants and pastel shirts, played a tight rock ‘n’ roll style with hints of early pop. These boys had a fantastic energy and presence, ripping through songs from their new album, No One. - QRO Magazine

"The Best Indie Bands You’ve Never Heard Of (from IOWA)"

This next band seems more like a blast from the past than a modern band at times, but we’re really ok with that.
Cedar Falls based Dylan Sires and Neighbors harkens back to the days of 50’s love songs, 60’s harmony laden tracks, and 80’s power pop. All with a modern flair a la Vampire Weekend.
With feel good melodies and a dynamic live show, they’re certainly a group you should consider adding to your music library.
Recommended listens:
Pictures of You: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKPCSmjDWFI
Messenger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAEAU8wl984
Night Time: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIVmiBIk5Qs - BUZZFEED


Dylan Sires and Neighbors--80/35 veterans and power pop kings of Iowa--have graced us with another music video. This time around, they show off their harmonizing melodies in a date night worthy ballad for their song "Persona Non Grata." Give it a listen below and read our Q&A with the trio. Congrats, guys!

"Persona Non Grata" by Dylan Sires & Neighbors


Dylan Sires and Neighbors: Haha! We were but unfortunately we are not any more, and technically, Graham wasn’t my next-door neighbor he was more in my “neighborhood”. They probably moved away from me because I always showed up unannounced asking for things like baking powder, sugar, clean towels. They figured if they moved away I would stop… but I didn’t.

What was the deciding factor for you three to start a band? How much thought did you put into it at first? Did you really think about it or just start playing?

In fall 2011 I started playing solo shows. The combination of the cold weather and my slow songs really worked out great for me at the time. But in the spring of 2012 the weather started warming and I knew I had to start a band with faster happier sounding songs. So sometime in of March of 2012 I asked Ross Klemz, a longtime childhood friend and former band mate, if he wanted to play drums on some of my new songs, and he said, “sure duder.” From there we did a handful of two-piece (guitar and drums) shows and they went great. So good in fact that after one of our better shows Graham Howland, also former band mate of mine, said to me, “Hey, I’m going to play bass in this band and there is nothing you can do about it,” and to which I said, “When do you start?” and he said, “tomorrow.” And the next day we started writing more tunes. I guess that was that.
We’ve spoke some about this before, but what is keeping you in Iowa? It is pretty clear you could prosper as musicians in a lot of other places. I know there is something so clear and positive about Iowa. Have you given any other cities a thought?

I would say first and foremost family. They’re my biggest supporters and without them I don’t think I would be doing what I’m doing. Secondly, I like the idea of building a scene rather than jumping into one. Don’t get me wrong I would love to tour to the coasts and put our name across their radars, but that’s not in the cards at the moment. Someday I might consider moving on.
Ross Klemz, drums
Ross Klemz, drums

Dylan Sires, guitar/vocals
Dylan Sires, guitar/vocals

Graham Howland, bass
Graham Howland, bass

I dislike trying to think of creative genres, but a lot of listeners want to put music into categories. Are you able to categorize your music into a genre?

I don’t know. I guess pop, Power pop, British Invasion pop, Rock and Roll, Blues, 50’s pop, Trance/dudes who don’t know what their doing pop.

Dylan Sires & Neighbors has been the most productive Iowa band I know of this year. How do you make time to create so much great music? What sacrifices are being made behind the scenes?

Sometimes sanity, but I love writing songs, and I love working with Graham and Ross. So the sacrifice for me is nothing. This is who I am and what I do and I won’t stop till I fall over dead. I can’t speak for the other guys, but I really got lucky with them. I could have been born at any other time at any other place, but I am here now enjoying writing tunes with my best friends. I have to say that the cosmos has really blessed me.

What is something you’d like listeners to know about being a musician that they probably don’t think about? Any secrets of the trade you’d like to divulge?

Well even though it’s an extremely hard profession, it’s also the most rewarding.

This is a question I ask almost every musician I talk to: what bands have your attention right now?

Well, I just recently bought Dexy’s Midnight Runners “Too-Rye-Ay”, but mostly I’m into Iowa bands. I’m really digging the track “She was the one that got away” by Gloom Balloon, and I can’t wait to get my hands on their new LP. I just got a sneak listen to my cousin’s band “TWINS” new record and it blew me away. These guys really love crafting tunes and it shows. I really like H.D. Harmsen’s record “Papoose”. Recently we gigged with The River Monks and those guys destroyed. Har-di-Har’s new EP is incredible. You know, none of the bands are national acts but they could and should be.
I’ve always thought your band is epitome of cool. How would you describe your style? Do you think that style helps to make your live set so potent?

I don’t really think about style. We love playing shows, hanging together and writing tunes. And if it looks like were having a great time its because we are. In the future I would love to get matching suites though. Maybe do the splits like Pat Fleming or the upside down guitar solos like Devin Frank?

What was it like playing 80/35? I mean you shared that stage with the likes of the Wu-Tang Clan, St. Vincent, and David Byrne. That had to be a memorable moment.

It was great! 80/35 was one our best shows this year and I was really happy to be apart of it. Winning the Iowa Public Radio’s 80/35 Play In was a real honor and made 2013 a standout year for us.

I’m assuming there is no sign of you all slowing down anytime soon. Where is music taking you next year? What are you most looking forward to?

Slowing down is not an option right now. We’re coming up on our second LP release this year, and simultaneously writing the next one entitled “Everyone”. Our plan is to release three albums in one calendar year. So far, were right on track with part one “No One” dropping back on June 1st, and the second part “Someone” coming out December 17th. In the summer of 2014 we will complete the debut trilogy with “Everyone” and release the three-part album as a whole. Other than that I want to tour—a lot. I have this feeling that if we’re not playing shows that I’m wasting time, and we’re going to remedy that anxiety this year. Hopefully, we will do a national tour and a couple regional ones. After that I’m hoping to produce a short film and write the soundtrack, but will see how things go.

Lastly, who has influenced you the most as a musician? I feel it is only fitting we go out by mentioning your mentors.

Weirdly enough, my friends and family, if it weren’t for them I would probably be in a terrible new age band playing a flute with long hair and goatee. Aside from the classics I don’t keep up with what’s hip. My main musical influences would be Lennon, McCartney, Chilton, Bowie, Prince, Queen, Dwight Yoakam, Elvis, Carole King, Radiohead, Mozart, Dylan, Buddy Holly, Ray Davies, Roy Orbison, The Everly Brothers Bjork, Elton John, Chuck Berry, Harry Nilson, ELO among many others. - Band Bombshell

"Album Review: Dylan Sires & Neighbors"

The explosion of summer festivals in the wake of the success of the Lollapaloozas of the world has given quite a bit of exposure to lesser known bands. Sure, at the bigger festivals, these “Lesser Known” bands are only lesser known to those that are only there for Mumford & Sons, but the festivals in smaller markets (Like Des Moines’s 80/35) can provide an outlet for local bands that would otherwise be relegated to moldy basements and dingy, under-attended clubs. Some of these bands that fill out the early hours on the side stages will persevere and make their way to the main stage (Like our friends in Christopher the Conquered), but sadly, most will have a year or two in the sun and move onto life as a civilian, unwilling or unable to make anything past that first recording. Despite not having yet made that 80/35 Main Stage, Dylan Sires & Neighbors have already proven the recording block is not an issue. In the past year, they’ve released two LPs with a third coming soon.

In many ways, No One and Someone are perfect albums for those mid-summer afternoons spent boiling in a random field or side-street in Middle America. The twenty-four tracks between the two albums are full of bright indie-pop jangle not entirely unlike The Dirty Projectors without the brain trauma. Sires’ voice frequently feels like a falsetto floating around the proceedings in a haze of reverb while all manner of instruments from guitars to piano and back again craft impeccable melodies. The trio also has mastered the art of the three part harmony, giving each song an added level of songcraft that most pop-rock confectioners seem to forget. Dylan Sires & Neighbors bring an easy-going, island flavor to the proceedings, and it’s very difficult to not fall under the sway of the good vibes being spent forth over the course of these two albums.

And yet, there’s something about No One and Someone that keep me from fully recommending them. For better or worse, Dylan Sires & Neighbors lock into those shimmery, summery vibe and rarely deviate. There’s a few moments where splinter off into gentle acoustics or, most impressively, into brassy Vaudevillian high stepping in “We Are in This Together”, but for the most part, the breezy grooves are the bedrock on which Dylan Sires & Neighbors build their sound. They’ve gotten that sound down to a science and perform everything as well as could possibly be expected, and as the Someone progress, the band takes more and more risks with their sound. But, for too much of No One, the band seems content to stick to the one speed that they know will get them where they need to go. The lack of a dynamic between the songs is a detriment, and at times, the tracks blur together on No One.

Even though I have some problems with No One, Someone shows the band moving in the correct direction. The hooks are stronger (See: Those “oh-oh-oh”s on “Downtown Lounge”), the instrumentation gets even more varied than it already was, and most importantly, the lyrics feel more personal and more heartfelt. If you’re a fan of sun-bleached indie-jangle, you will feel right at home amongst the spectacular three-part harmonies and the delicate interplay between the cavalcade of instruments. As someone who is not as naturally inclined towards such sounds, I have a few issues with the lack of diversity seen in parts of the album, but there’s more than enough reason to believe that the band is still growing into themselves. With the trajectory that Dylan Sires & Neighbors are on, I have plenty of hope that the upcoming Everyone will be their crowning achievement. - The Milk Carton

"Dylan Sires and Neighbors “Someone”, “No One”"


3 piece POWER POP KINGS out of the HEARTLAND!

アメリカ中西部アイオワの3人組Dylan Sires and Neighbors。
Dylanいわく”THE BEATLESとBIG STAR、50’s〜60’sから多大な影響を受けた”そう。
アルバム3部作の第1弾となる『NO ONE』では、ビートリッシュな「No One」、BIG STAR的ストレートなパワーポップ・ナンバー「One Shot」などルーツを感じさせる楽曲が多いなか、「Two Bad Brothers」からはレディオヘッドなどポスト・ロックの影響をも感じさせるし、3部作第2弾『SOMEONE』では更に多彩な面を発揮する訳ですよ。
前作と比べ、誰もいない(NO ONE)ところに光が差したかのような明るいトーンに包まれたこのアルバムでは、ポール風味のヴォードヴィル調「We Are In This Together」、ガレージィな「It's Love」など、とても一筋縄ではいかない奥深さ。
もう期待せずにはいられないって! - POWERPOP ACADEMY

"Dylan Sires and Neighbors “No One”"

It’s not easy to pigeon-hole the Iowa based Dylan Sires and Neighbors. They definitely have a solid command of melody in the tradition of power pop, and are influenced by The Beatles, Vampire Weekend and 50′s styled balladry. The title track, “No One” is a bouncy piano melody with strong vocal harmonies and a Beatlesque beat. “In My Neighborhood” features a Harrison-like slide guitar and Dylan’s delicate crooning vocal. Quick tempo guitar riffs are main draw in “Save My Life,” and “Messenger” with its dense Rickenbacker textures similar to Mod-era Who. At points the instrumentation has a minimal lounge-like feel like on “Hold Me” and “Second Man.”

Another highlight is the Nilsson-like “Pictures of You” showing a vivid memory coming to life. “One Shot” is another compelling rocker, one thing for sure is that Sires has a unique sound combination and precise musicianship that will keep you interested all the way through. On Bandcamp is the follow-up Someone is ready as well. Both LPs are part of a three album trilogy titled No One/Someone/Everyone. Everyone will be released summer 2014.

Someone has highlights as well. “Good Ol’ Boy” is a catchy gem that features Dylan’s high crooning and “Someone Knows” has an infectious beat and guitar rhythm.

Not to be outdone this season, the band has its own Christmas single. - POWERPOPAHOLIC

""No One"Album Review"

Don't let the fact that Dylan Sires and Neighbors' (DSN) are from Iowa, fool you. The
band's latest 13 song release, "No One", is a force to be respected. This album stands at
the crossroads of 2013 and 1966, blending elements of 21st century alternative pop-rock
with those of the music that made psychedelic tie-dye and VW peace vans cool. By
releasing a full LP, DSN not only goes against the conventional wisdom of today's
indie/DIY movement where EPs are the cost effective way to test the market, this project
tells us that the boys from Iowa are not just hoping to break through. No One is a bold
declaration that DSN has no plans of going anywhere anytime soon.

There are a number of amazing songs on Dylan Sires & Neighbors' LP, but of them all my
favorite has to be "Two Bad Brothers". This particular song embodies the greatness of
DSN's musical talents, and the band's fearless approach toward creating music that is
thin on production and thick on everything else that makes a great song pop. From the
onset of the song, I drew a mental picture of Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon from The
Walking Dead riding into a zombie infested area with shotguns blazing. This is one
powerful tune!

In addition to "Two Bad Brothers," DSN plants their feet firmly and gives us a number of
awesome songs like: "Pictures of You", "Save My LIfe", and "In My Neighborhood" to
name a few. I could sit here all day and talk about every single song, but it wouldn't do
you any good. Just take my word for it...this is an LP well worth skipping 2 cups of
Starbucks to get - I AM ENTERTAINMENT Magazine

"Good Neighbor Policy"

Dylan Sires and Neighbors are headed by ridiculously charismatic front men.
With his 1950s-infused style and on-stage energy, the titular Dylan Sires reminds me of a young Chris Issak. The Waterloo trio — comprised of Sires, bassist Graham Howard and drummer Ross Klemz — was certainly the poppiest of the three bands Saturday night, which served as a nice palate cleanser between the straight rock offerings of the opener and headliner. Dylan Sires and Neighbors is in the midst of the rolling release of its newest album, “No One,” and its set was heavy with songs from the album. “Pictures of You” may have been the strongest offering of the evening, but from beginning to end the set was tight and polished. - Des Moines CityView


Still working on that hot first release.



This group is not about fashion. They're about the unbridled energy and passion that make rock and roll music so timeless. This band isn't traditional. Yes, they're influenced by yesterday's giants, from Chuck Berry to the Beatles to the boss, but spun through the musical minds of 3 pop enthusiasts living and writing in the moment, chasing hits and big time hooks, unconcerned with trends or rock star attitudes. They are making the music of tomorrow, this is rock and roll with real inspiration, built to last. This group is DYLAN SIRES & NEIGHBORS

Dylan Sires & Neighbors are having a break out year. They've released two albums(their debut album "No One" and their follow-up "Someone"), won a state-wide battle of the bands and opened for big-name acts such as Deerhunter, Wavves, Mac Demarco, Robert Ellis and of Montreal. Just recently, they traveled around the world to headline the MuseLand Festival in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

They are currently working on multiple tours, including their first trip overseas to Japan and a nationwide tour in May. They have enlisted the help of Brandon Darner, member of The Envy Corps and Producer of Imagine Dragons, to produce their third album "Everyone". 

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