Dylan Stewart & the Johnny Strangers

Dylan Stewart & the Johnny Strangers


Dylan Stewart and the Johnny Strangers have a uniquely American ethos, informed by singer-songwriters like Guy Clark, Bob Dylan, and Townes Van Zandt. Stewart's songwriting ranges from brooding and contemplative to wistful and auspicious.


Gravel-throated singer-songwriter Dylan Stewart hails from the small southern-Oklahoma town of Ringling. The 26-year-old songwriter cut his teeth playing throughout southern Oklahoma, turning his life experiences into songs along the way. After years of honing his tunes, Stewart self-financed his first album, produced by Travis Linville. By the release of Pay the Fiddler in early 2012, Stewart had already captured the attention of songwriter, producer, and Red Dirt music pioneer Mike McClure. McClure's own label, 598 Recordings, will produce and distribute the band's debut album and has signed Stewart onto their exclusive roster of artists.

Stewart's band, the Johnny Strangers, consists of guitarist Jake Adamson, bassist Caleb Story, and drummer Myles Stroud. Each member's varied musical background allows him to bring his own style to Stewart's songs, resulting in a dynamic live performance.


Pay the Fiddler (2012)
Full-length debut album forthcoming on 598 Recordings