Dylan Turner

Dylan Turner


Thought-provoking lyrics force you to re-consider life how you live it, as voices delicately blend together on smooth chords and catchy guitar riffs that are backed up by bad-ass bass lines and insane drums. A "sing-a-long" intensified.


We are a bunch of guys that love music and love to play it. We formed early March 2008.
We plan on recording within the next few months so we'll keep you all posted with updates on recording and shows:)


Get Up Off That High Horse

Written By: Dylan Turner

Hello, I am well but I can't stop thinking about you
and these cold, tired hands can't stop thinking about you
Unless I was wrong, and this cold winter storm is still thinking about you

My baby's too sly to make up her mind but she'll take her time before the ends of these lines
Your jaded false masquerades have gone on too far
Holding on but all that's left is La Di Dah Dah

Speech echoes in the streets that will drift over all the stepping stones
This melody


Dylan Turner - December '07 EP

Set List

Approx time: 23 mins
All original music

1. Distraction
2. Kicking The Old Irish Blues
3. The Basement
4. Lady
5. Get Up Off That High Horse
6. Pushin'