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Conscious, Honest, Relative, Diverse and Hard Working!


Moving to the home of the Kentucky Derby, also known as the Blue Grass State, Taron of Columbus, Ohio along with Ricashai of Cincinnati, Ohio met Peaches of Louisville, Kentucky. Tarons’ love for music could no longer be just lyrics on paper, her expressions lead them to realize that they shared the same passion for music and that their Hip-Hop and R&B swagger blend created a sound unique to the two. Vocally, their way of riding the waves of beats and melodies create a sound wave anyone could dance to, sing with, and relate to. Ricashai Tarons’ son grew up around the duo now known as Dymonds N’ Twyned, adopted the role of producing and songwriting himself. Ricashai, aka Tre Beats is fierce on the motif 6 creating beats with an east coast west coast feel, putting a twist of self taught chords and melodies that he has titled the Mid West Story’s. Together their music is captivating, best displayed on their newest album Lyrical Icons.

There is a combination of Gospel, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Pop Rock that has inspired them as artist to have the right to create and offer they’re music to the world. These inspirations include: 2pac, Biggie, Eminem, Timberland, Dr. Dre’, Aaliyah, Deleon Richards, Cee- Cee Winan, Celine Dion, Common, Anita Baker, Tamia, Queen Latifah, Das Efx, Lil Kim, Natalie Cole, Peabo Bryson, LL Cool J, Luther Vandross, Isley Brothers, Michael Jackson, Sting, Elton John, Phil Collins, Ray Charles, Tina Turner, and many many more!

DNT and Ricashai has had several achievements over the years. 1st and 2nd place at open mic contest in local contest. They have sold over 600 units independently, placed in Tom Joyners Big Break, also achieved the top ten spot on Broadjams R&B genre. Ricashai is self taught on the Motif 6 and Taron is currently enrolled full time at Full Sail in the Entertainment Business Bachelor course. Peaches has won a paid recording and photo session with pistol productions.

Dymonds N’ Twyned and Ricashai have been blessed to grace the stages of Columbus Ohio at some major local events such as, Juneteenth, Tiger Theater, C&S Lounge, Salem Restaurant, Barnett Recreation, Hamilton School Fair, A Cool Place, Cana Bar, and Mr. A’s.

With hard work and ambition DNT and Ricashai continue to show that they have something positive and productive to give to the industry, as artist, both behind and in front of the entertainment stage.


Like Me Pt.1

Written By: Ricashai/Taron/Peaches

Yeah - Its a Tre’ Beat - Ricashai once again.

Taron Baby

Ha - Ha


Got DNT in the house

Fo’ Sure


Here We Go

Verse 1 - In the studio making beats and layin tracks, get up brush my teeth then I comb my naps. Doin’ my thing to be known and put us on the map, but on my free time I just chill, sleep, and relax. Talk to my girl on the phone if she ain’t trippin’. I’ll kick her to the curb and tell her get to steppin’. You scared to hit a dude so you quick to grab your weapon. All I need is a beat to teach you a lesson. My skills are top notch and they can’t be touched but if you want to do business then that’s whats up. I ain’t the type of nigga to freeze up and show fear you can tell cause I always speak loud and clear. Homey I’m tight just like a muscle so when I put my power into it you know that its trouble. Doing my music and hoping that you feel it. DNT/ MEANFACE the lyrical killas.

Hook - You can’t mess with a real playa like me (naw you can’t)
You can’t deal with a real baller like me “ “
You can’t hang with a real hustler like me “ “
This game wouldn’t be the same without me!
You can’t TOP with me
“ “ Rock “ “
“ “ Deal “ “
“ “ Chill “ “
“ “ Ride “ “
“ “ Die “ “
But last but not least You can’t shine wit me!
Verse 2 - You lookin’ at a queen tryna judge thee negative you try you will not succeed, I’m sittin’ in my ment a lil money left what I got no job but this product. Whom I goin sale it to its gotta trade through I work to hard in the lab makin thoughts come true. The mount of value (what) thats put on paper. Motivates the time spent on whats created. No more wishin for it, no more time wastin, just hit the seat thinkin and get to layin. Like an architect I am the plan, I designed the whole blueprint from my head. Put it in the air, so you understand, write it to a disc, to re-play again, give it as a gift to a favorite friend, so you’ll have proof on how tight I really am.


Verse 3 - Its hard when you dealin’ with a killer of my kind, its not everyday that peaches gets on the mic and just bust a rhyme, its Dymonds N’ Twyned you know those lyrical killas. Listen up for the roar of Starvin’ Productions. We hot, don’t nobody know what we got, til we blowin’ up spots, then we’ll be makin’ our mark, I’m a musical genius icon. Ain’t no disturbin my kind cause we unstoppable, formed a legend from the C.O. just call us untoppable. Its true - yaw heard, of us - before - because - we came hard knockin down doors. Up in the thick of thangs, we makin your ears rang, we bangin
tremendously haters hurtin your feelings see. Got ricashai from C.O. born the natis’ one true king, we goin keep hittin yaw with those starvin production beats, louisville to the C.O. we reppin all major streets I’m killin em’ with these lyrics inspired, be like me.


Day Dreamin'

Written By: Peaches

OH- (repetitively)

HOOK - You’ve got my mind goin’ carzy thinking bout your sweet, sweet love. You got my mind day dreamin’ ooh this ain’t enough. (2X)

Verse 1 - Sittin’ on my couch all alone, talkin with my girl on the telephone, sayin’ how it feels to be in love ( I’m so in love) Sippin’ on this champagne got me gazin’ out my window on this rainy day. Day dreamin of thoughts of me and you. (YOU!)

Bridge - I miss the way you hold me,
I want the way you kiss me,
I need the way you used to come and take control of me
( come wrap your arm’s around my body baby) uh-huh

If only you were here, I wouldn’t have to sit here and day dream,
(oh you’ve got my mind)

HOOK - (2X)

Verse 2 - Relaxin’ in a rose petal bubble bath. Candles burnin’ all around cause I wanna get the mood right. Still you’re on my mind I’m tryna’ settle me down, can’t seem to turn me off I need you right now. Oh you know I....

Bridge - I miss the way you hold me,
I want the way you kiss me,
I need the way you used to come and take control of me ( of me)

And If only you were here, I wouldn’t have to sit here and day dream,
(day dream)

HOOK (repetitive during the outro)

OUTRO - I said you’ve got my mind goin’ crazy yeah. You’ve got my mind day dreamin’ of you. See every time when I’m alone, every time I get to myself I think of ou boo. You know you’re on my mind, I see you every time (Hey-ho-whooo)

Sometimes I day dream and you sittin’ right next to me. You’ve got me, so wrapped up in you and I can’t seem to get you off of my mind.


Written By: Taron

Yeah, Its Taron baby OHIO’s WOMAN!$

HOOK: Every body aint chrome crusted (pockets bulgin’)
Candy painted rims tricked out (money pourin’)
All money has the same style man (it spends homey)
The hustle is the same around the world (to count the money)
(2X) We have money, we see money, we keeps money, spunt money

Verse 1: It’s laundry day for the dirty, drop it at the cleaners. We spinnin’ cycles out the money washin’ machine playa. There is no stopping this cycle this runs over and over. The twenty four hour laundry matt the door is open.
Wish wash, wish wash, wish wash, cleaning
“ ” making
“ ” gripping
This is how we keeps the money spinnin’ cycle turning.


(4x) Load it, drop it, get it, fold it.

Verse 2: It’s laundry day drop it at the counter fool, you know the washing cost leave it to the pro tools. Back and forth spinnin’ round until the next load. Cleanin’ up washer strong on the twenty four.


Wish wash, wish wash, wish wash, cleaning
“ ” making
“ ” gripping
This is how we keeps the money spinnin’ cycle turning.

(4x) Load it, drop it, get it, fold it.
I can make it happen, wash dry to the fold. Single, double, what you need even triple load.
Wish wash, wish wash, wish wash, wish wash
Wish wash, wish wash, wish wash, cleaning
“ ” making
“ ” gripping
This is how we keeps the money spinnin’ cycle turning.

HOOK: (talk)


Day Dreamin', Like Me pt.1, Money, Say Boy, No More Sittin Still, Prodigy, etc...
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