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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
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Mass Appeal: How did you guys come up with the name for the duo?

MACHIA: We actually decided on the name about two-thirds of the way into completing the album. When you hear dynamic equilibrium in science, it refers to balance; two different forces that match each other equally. We felt that it’s only right to claim such a title because Alpha’s lyrical ability compliment the music that I created in that sense.

MA: How did you come up with Post Crack Era for the name of you album?

Alpha Memphis: The album is named Post Crack Era because as I was writing the lyrics for the album it was becoming more and more revolutionary. The last time words of this caliber were available to the public was around the black power movement. What exactly was it that halted the black power movement? Crack! It poisoned our black communities. Not only the black communities were affected though, the whole American populous was influenced during this time; leaving a dent in the mental growth of mankind. On a more positive note, the album is named Post Crack Era because we are now living in an era of enlightened thinkers; people who can restore stability within the minds of the masses.

MA: What was the inspiration behind the album?

Alpha Memphis: The inspiration for the album came to me when I first saw this documentary on Netflix titled “Zeitgeist.” After I watched it for the third time, I came to the realization that the world we live is really fucked up. And I said to myself, “Well, what can I do to change things for the better?” So I drew inspiration from the documentary to create the first single off of the album, titled “Pangea.” From that song, MACHIA and I knew right off the bat which direction we wanted to take the album in from that point.

MACHIA: It’s crazy how we came to create “Pangea.” The beat was about two or three years old prior to making the track. When Alpha came to me with the verses for the song, I immediately dug into my archive of beats and found the perfect one to match the powerful lyrics that he had presented to me. The rest was history.

MA: Why was it important for you to discuss suicide/ depression in your song “Lucidity”?

Alpha Memphis: I felt that it was important to address those topics because it’s a very touchy subject and there are not many artist in the hip hop community who have spoken on the matter, although it is an unfortunate fate that many people face every single day.

MACHIA: To go off of the fact that suicide and depression are topics that are not spoken about in hip hop; the Post Crack Era album serves as a 12-track public service announcement to the world. Each track has its own unique message, and suicide and depression are most definitely topics that the masses need to hear about.

Peep the video for “Lucidity” above, and support their new album Post Crack Era below. Be sure to check for these guys on Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud. - Tinora Locke

"Toronto Post Proudly Presents Dynamic Equilibrium"

The Hip-Hop Duo known as "Dynamic Equilibrium” is made up of emcee, Alpha Memphis, and producer, Machia. Alpha Memphis hails from Queens, New York and is a part of two underground hip-hop conglomerates (Genius Sounds Family and Dope League). The Producer half of Dynamic Equilibrium is Machia, a Brooklyn native also representing major conglomerates (Fang Gang, Dope League, and Genius Sounds Family). Style of Music: Rap & Hip-Hop.

DYNAMIC EQUILIBRIUM is a New York Based Hip-Hop Duo who has been captivating the masses through thought provoking lyrics and mind shattering production. Rapper Alpha Memphis & producer Machia have great chemistry which is clearly shown within their music.

It is this chemistry that gives this duo their dynamic sound, hard hitting production and lyrics with actual meaning is a brutal combination. Dynamic Equilibrium delivers every time and always leaves the crowd wanting more.

Dynamic Equilibrium has released one EP titled “Post-Crack Era” this 5 track EP is a representation of all the fundamental elements for which Hip-Hop embodies. Dynamic Equilibrium brings something that the game has been longing for in the past years. Aside from the overall production of the tape, Dynamic Equilibrium not only presents listeners with deep intellectual lyrical content, but also a story of some of the struggles in society and the world in general. With Alpha Memphis’s witty flow, and Machia impeccable production, the duo shows that knowledge truly is power.

Dynamic Equilibrium (New York City, NY)

Social Networks: https://www.facebook.com/DynamicEquilibriumNYC


- See more at: http://www.thetorontopost.net/2014/03/toronto-post-proudly-presents-dynamic.html#sthash.nTAvzSSs.dpuf - Toronto Post

"Blessed to Premiere: Dynamic Equilibrium’s Video for “Dear Father”"

It’s pretty damn cool how the Internet has enabled an entire wave of realist musicians to proliferate their messages like never before, a subject Cypher League has touch on numerously in articles like An Internet Fast Lane Will Kill Our Generation’s Hopes & Dreams and Breaking the Cycle of the Entertainment Industry. Artists spreading messages of positivity are who we fuck with for our Cypher League features in our Blessed to Premiere feature series, we’re just trying to do our part in helping them extend their reach even further.

Tonight, we’re blessed to premiere Dynamic Equilibrium‘s video for “Dear Father”, a track on their recent Post-Crack Era tape (a project lauded by the Source to be “a refreshing change from the usual swag raps and strip club-esque anthems”). Comprised by Queens’ Alpha Memphis and Brooklyn’s MACHIA, Dynamic Equilibrium has exemplified relatable positivity in tracks like “Age of Enlightenment”, which has Alpha on a simple hook singing, “Peace & Love ya’ll.”

On the visuals side, executed by Genmotion, Dynamic Equilibrium touts their cinematic-style videos as a major component of their aesthetic. With “Dear Father”, Genmotion takes that aesthetic to the next level from past successes like “Pangea”. Shot near New Paltz in upstate New York, Alpha Memphis and MACHIA are portrayed in some shots that are nothing short of spectacular. “Dear Father” is innovative all-around, a definite progression of Dynamic Equilibrium’s continually developing aesthetic. Something which in itself is no easy feat considering the ambitiousness of their work. - Cypher League

"THE SOURCE Review: Dynamic Equilibrium Releases ‘Post Crack Era’ Album"

A refreshing change from the usual swag raps and strip club-esque anthems, Dynamic Equilibrium recently dropped their controversial yet thought provoking album Post Crack Era.

Rather than rapping about luxury vehicles, popping bottles or the stature of their latest female acquaintance, the duo of young emcees takes a different route highlighting the struggles being faced by many in today’s society.

The pair, made up of Alpha Memphis and MACHIA, has perfected the craft of balancing substance with an appealing style.

Dynamic Equilibrium’s deep intellectual lyrical content and true to hip-hop production makes for a great listen.

Stream Post Crack Era here. - Erika Benton-Martin

"HHDX: Dynamic Equilibrium "Lucidity""

HipHopDX Premiere. Dynamic Equilibrium bring the visuals for the poignant track "Lucidity." The song tackles suicide and depression, still a rarity in Hip Hop. - DX Staff

"2DopeBoyz: Dynamic Equilibrium - Age of Enlightenment f. ScienZe (Video)"

Dynamic Equilibrium's ScienZe-assisted "Age of Enlightenment" hasn't left the rotation of my ipod since I first heard it a couple of weeks ago. And adding on to that, neither has their new album, Post Crack Era which is available now (see below). Today we get a look at the moving images for the aforementioned single. Still sleeping?

Post Crack Era also features Rome Clientel and can be streamed via Bandcamp below, and copped via iTunes here - JES7

"Stacks Magazine Music Review: Dynamic Equilibrium (@Dynamic_EQ) – Post Crack Era"

When crack first hit the streets of urban landscapes throughout America, the environment was turned upside down. The productive became unproductive. Plenty of people became addicts while cities have their own personal war zones. Then, there was the “war” that really did very little (outside of help fill prisons for cheap prison labor). Thus, plenty of cities changed for the worst after crack rock hit.

If anyone understands this, it would be Alpha Memphis and Machia. These two artists understand the environment and how things were affected. Thus, as Dynamic Equilibrium, Post Crack Era is an album detailing life in the concrete jungle.

What may throw people off is that Dynamic Equilibrium is much more “ Prez than De La Soul”. They don’t get all abstract; actually, they are rather straight forward with their approach. “Dear Father” questions the “man upstairs” why he would punish “the righteous/the Malcolms/the Martins”. “Pangea” mentions how far we are from that Promised Land with “racism, churchism, caste system, cap sizing ice caps, oil drillings”. “Killers Move In Silence” informs listeners on who the real gangsters and killers really (note: it isn’t the street thugs we glorify). More than anything, Dynamic Equilibrium makes sense of the chaos going on around us.

Still, Dynamic Equilibrium did work to make sure that the music has balance. For the tracks like “Pangea”, there are tracks like “Age of Enlightenment”. Looking at the other side, the duo just want to see some type of peace and progress. This desire is highlighted by the tracks “Rebelation” and “Change”. Thus, it can be said that the black clouds are painted with a silver lining.

Post Crack Era is that surprise album of 2014. It is one of the nicest albums that will get very little pub, airplay, or props. Still, it deserves to be said that Dynamic Equilibrium just may be one of this year’s sleeper albums. Hopefully, they can continue to provide good music such as this until the world becomes aware.

Until then, if you are reading this review then please find a way to get this album. You may appreciate it as much as I do. - Mark Harris

"THE SOURCE presents: Dynamic Equilibrium In The “Age of Enlightenment”"

Peace Peace, Love Love, and Peace Peace, ya’ll. We're so close to Friday, I can almost taste it’s frivolous-spending-of-everything-I've-earned-during-the-week on my tongue. To help everyone meditate until we get there, NYC duo Dynamic Equilibrium is here with its new video for “Age of Enlightenment.” Emcees Alpha Memphis and MACHIA are joined by Scienze as they clear your mind of the excess and help you focus on the important values we should all strive to live by. The piano melodies fall like raindrops on the brain so the knowledge can seep into your mind that much easier.

…feels better now, right?

“Age of Enlightenment” comes off of DE’s Post Crack Era project which you can buy now on iTunes. You can also stream it HERE. - notupstate

"AO ALERT! : Dynamic Equilibrium – Lucidity (Video)"

Everything isn’t always good. That is not necessarily a bad thing though. It’s okay not to be okay. Anger, sadness and depression can be the stem of great art. But when someone doesn’t have an outlet for this built up emotion, things can be come dangerous. New York duo, Dynamic Equilibrium address this serious issue of depression and suicide, on their song “Lucidity” from the emcees upcoming album, Post Crack Era, which will come out April 8th.

Aiming to deliver a message in their music without coming off preachy or, worse yet, “corny;” the story behind the song is REAL. Few succeed at balancing substance with an appealing style. Part of Dynamic Equilibrium’s allure is the cinematic style of their music videos. Take a look at their latest video, and experience the chemistry the duo has together. - Uptown Toney

"Dynamic Equilibrium, 'Dear Father' | HYPEFRESH® Magazine"

Let’s admit… We all have questions for our creator in the reserves of our minds.. Right?

How and why are we here on Earth? Alive and roaming this vast world freely? Dynamic Equilibrium’s spin on these natural curiosities are embedded in each lyric this track has to offer to the people. And honestly, they pose very great questions in these verses.

In Dynamic Equilibrium’s latest visual aesthetic for their single, “Dear Father”, it brings to light many of the issues that our communities are facing; all while questioning God’s reasoning for allowing such evil to be imposed upon us. The video also serves as a tribute to all those who have fallen victim to police brutality; and those who are currently experiencing the turmoil in Ferguson, MO.

Check out this awesome piece and visual, and don’t forget… Leave your questions and comments in the box below after enjoying this one.

Dynamic Equilibrium Social Media:

STREAM DE’s ALBUM, Post Crack Era:
http://dynamicequilibrium.bandcamp.com/album/post-crack-era-2 - HypeFresh


Meet Alpha Memphis and Machia. Together, the duo is known as Dynamic Equilibrium. Hailing from NY, the two have a penchant for thought-provoking rhymes that are a throwback to the days of hip-hop past. On “Age of Enlightenment,” DE teams up with another well-respected lyricist in ScienZe to drop some bars that are positive but not preachy. Peep the video below and check out Dynamic Equilibrium’s latest album, Post Crack Era here. - Emanuel Wallace

"Dynamic Equilibrium- Lucidity"

I have been fortunate enough not to experience suicide firsthand, but over the past year I’ve recognized it as an incredibly real threat. Not one but two of my NYU peers have allegedly taken their lives in the past four months. The Queens-based rapper-producer duo Dynamic Equilibrium confront this issue in their music video for “Lucidity.” The hip hop duo thought the video for “Lucidity” was necessary to create “because suicide is a topic not really talked about much in hip-hop. It’s definitely something common among many people all over the world and the only way to combat suicide is to spread love.” The swirling soul of ghoulish background vocals and menacing basslines take over on this lethargic, downtempo beat. The video, shot by Genmotion, splices together weary, psychotropic visions with shots following the narrative of man struggling to stay alive. Watch below. - Angel Fraden

"Dynamic Equilibrium Feat. Scienze – Age Of Enlightenment"

Dynamic Equilibrium is the duo that makes this track below. To be honest, it is pretty damn nice. I’m probably going to find a good way to listen to their entire project and give it some type of love. Oh, and this is their message out to all:

This track is a thank you to all of the people who love and support Dynamic EQ. THANK YOU.

Timeless Music. Revolutionary.

Their album, Post Crack Era, can be purchased on ITunes right here. - Darcwonn

"Dynamic Equilibrium – Age of Enlightenment feat. ScienZe"

Dynamic Equilibrium es un dúo de Hip Hop from New York. Bueno, realmente Alpha Memphis es de Queens y MACHIA de Brooklyn. Alpha rapea y su compañero se pone tras los platos y las producciones para crear cositas tan deliciosas como la que hoy nos ocupa.
“Age of Enlightenment” que viene con colaboración de ScienZe. Este tema pertenece a su recién salido disco Post Crack Era, un trabajo conceptual en el que os vais a encontrar con Hip Hop fluido, orgánico y desarrollado a base de beats melódicos y caricaturas de la realidad.
Salieron a la palestra con aquel “Pangea” y su vídeo basado en la brillante escena de Charlie Chaplin en The Great Dictator con el discurso sobre la humanidad. Pues si tomamos ese inicio como raíz de su música no iremos muy desencaminados. Es difícil hacer Hip Hop underground y que a la vez suene melódico, limpio y carismático, pero estos tipos lo consiguen sin caer en la ñoñería y lo facilón.
Si no los conocíais os recomendamos que le deis una oportunidad ya que su disco, que podéis escuchar aquí enterito en streaming, bien merece una buena y estudiada escucha. - Dr. Charles


This new video from Dynamic Equilibrium comes with a “For Mature Audiences Only” warning, and it’s not without good reason. “Lucidity” is mesmerizingly dark. It’s an uncomfortable viewing experience, but a necessary one.

As the video description reads, “This song tells the story of a man down on his luck and even worse, the story of a man that feels unloved. Let’s spread love before it’s too late.” Queens emcee Alpha Memphis rides slowly over the eerie Machia instrumental, rhyming poignantly from the perspective of a man on the verge of suicide. He’s surrounded by darkness – both literally and figuratively – and sees no light at the end of the tunnel. Powered by lines like, “Wishing I had a time machine to see what the future holds for me, because the present is a gift I wouldn’t mind returning B,” the song journals a rapid spiral into depression that ends tragically, something that is an unfortunately prevalent reality for thousands. “Lucidity” is a hauntingly beautiful, well-written track, and its impact is truly one you have to absorb for yourself.

Tackling issues like this openly and honestly is rare in hip-hop, and if for no other reason than that, Dynamic Equilibrium’s latest single should be appreciated. Their upcoming album, Post-Crack Era, arrives April 8 and will feature appearances from ScienZe and Rome Clientel. Watch “Lucidity” below, and stay tuned for more.

“Crazy that he died thinking no one gave a fuck, all he needed was… love. All he needed was love.” - Tim Larew (@TimLarew)


Just under one month ago, citified hip-hop duo Dynamic Equilibrium delivered a memorable single that acknowledged plights of the internal and external world. “Age of Enlightenment” was true to form, expressing the connotation contained within the track’s title. Several days ago, Alpha Memphis & Machia debuted the accompanying visuals for that record (also featuring fellow New Yorker Scienze), further demonstrating their chemistry as a formidable rapper-producer team.

The Genmotion-directed video depicts the lyricism of “Enlightenment” well, winding through grim buildings and all-encompassing scenic shots. What truly captures the message behind the song, though, are the juxtapositions of light and darkness, hope and hopelessness.

Watch “Age Of Enlightenment” below. Support Post Crack Era, Dynamic Equilibrium’s recently released project, via iTunes. - Alex Siber

"Dynamic Equilibrium “Post Crack Era”"

Last month, New York City based hip hop duo Dynamic Equilibrium dropped their debut project Post Crack Era. Dynamic Equilibrium consists of Alpha Memphis (MC) & MACHIA (Producer) who hail from Queens & Brooklyn respectively. Together, the two have forged a solid body of work in Post Crack Era, the album plays like a film with a nice flow throughout. Above all, this project will make you think; it’s loaded with political substance without coming off as too preachy. Peep the tape below and be on the look out for more from Dynamic Equilibrium. - @CHIxMPLS


New York duo Dynamic Equilibrium dropped their project Post Crack Era back in April 2013. Alpha Memphis rocks the mic and Machia works as a producer. This collaboration delivers a 5-track EP focusing on the woes of humanity and empowering one another through knowledge and unity.

The EP opens up with the track Catholic Injunction (Intro) which features a sound bite from “The Barber Speech” by Charlie Chaplin which features the infamous line “we want to live by each other’s happiness not by each others misery”.

It’s a pretty tough call to choose the most notable track off of this 5 track EP because they all serve as their own public service announcement to a world cause. The Dynamic Equilibrium duo reminds me of a modern day Public Enemy, especially in their track “Propaganda”. The interlude “Renaissance Humanism” has a sound clip from the inspirational speech by Severm Suzuki. “I have no hidden agenda. I am fighting for my future.” is the statement that stands out the most.

Check out the Post Crack Era EP by Dynamic Equilibrium below. Follow the Dynamic Equilibrium duo on Twitter. - Nicki


Still working on that hot first release.



Dynamic Equilibrium is a NYC Hip-Hop group that looks to deliver a message in their music without coming off preachy or, worse yet, "corny." But in the underground hip-hop community, who DOESN'T try accomplish this? Few succeed at balancing substance with an appealing style.The duo is made up of emcee, Alpha Memphis, and emcee/producer, MACHIA. These two phenomenal artists hail from New York City, New York, and is a part of three underground hip-hop conglomerates (Genius Sounds Family, FANG GANG, and Dope League). 

The duo brings to the table, the ideal blend of hard hitting compositions and conceptual, thought-provoking lyrics; a receipt for creating quality Hip-Hop music. It is the chemistry between the two artist that gives DE their dynamic sound. Essentially, you get the best of both worlds; dope production layered with intelligent lyrics. Dynamic Equilibrium delivers every time, and they always leave the crowd wanting more.Part of Dynamic Equilibrium's allure is the cinematic style of their music videos. Their first release, "Pangea", captivated people across the world, with its usage of Charlie Chaplin's infamous scene and a gritty, post-apocalyptic backdrop. 

But beyond the visuals, the chemistry the duo has together sets them apart. Queens native Alpha Memphis oozes in confidence, evident in the variety of flows and cadences he has at instant command. Brooklyn's MACHIA shows tremendous range in production throughout their works, and even occasionally trades rhymes with his partner. Their music is conceptual and yet remarkably smooth to the ear. And with their first album, they are set to introduce the world to a new age: This is POST CRACK ERA!

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