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DYnamic: the Hip Hop Soldia
SERIOUS NONSENSE: the hyper energetic album
DYnamic BAND: the band that knocks you over

LOVE, PEACE, RESPECT, UNITY & HAVING FUN ! Here, in few words, is the POSITIVE message that delivers DYnamic. A powerful ENERGY, surprising texts and ELUSIVE STYLE.


DYnamic was raised in New York, the cradle of hip hop. He studied at Lycée Français de New York, in the streets is where he learned English. As he gradually travelled the world, DYnamic became an artist ready to meet different styles and audiences. For over 15 years this globe-trotter has been exploring various rhythmic flavors. DYnamic is an artist of outstanding creativity. His unpredictable energetic flow and his unique style have set numerous international venues on fire (Couleur Café, Dour Festival, L'Ancienne Belgique, Comedy Club, La Flèche d’Or, Glaz’Art, La Plateforme, Melkweg, Soul To Soul, Stade Léopold Sédar Senghor...). Enjoy the powerfull music of his live band, the DYnamic BAND on stage and also on his album. Serious Nonsense, DYnamic new album, is the fresh air blowing over today’s hip hop. An eclectic album flavored with rock, electro, soul and jazz. Serious Nonsense is critically acclaimed. Songs of uncommon sounds performed by DYnamic BAND; off the hook guest appearances by global artists including Omar Perry, Bai Kamara Jr... DYnamic is a versatile MC who’s musically unpredictable.

DYnamic BAND: The band that knocks you over !

Don’t panic ! While BOULON MANDOLIN provides you a spacy-punky sound and his SAXOPHONE tickles your ears, DEEJAY SNOOP TALK BOX hypnotises you, MARTIN magical fingers harass the RHODES KEYBOARD, DENYS DRUMS makes you bob your head and COLLO the funky BASS player awakes the groove in you. You are definitely at a concert of DYnamic BAND.
Most of the DYnamic Band musicians earned their props by performing in bands quite far from hip hop. Professionalism and musical diversity makes DYnamic Band success. Exponential creativity and rare energy to discover urgently on a stage near you !


Home Far Away From Home

Written By: DYnamic & Bai Kamar Jr

Chorus: Feel no shame, my brothers
Don’t let them sell you a debt, no more (no more we ain’t going for that)
It’s a strain, I know sister (I’m talking to you sister)
Don’t let them make you beg, just walk tall

So you claim you’re from the ghetto / I guess you never put your foot in my hell hole
The motherland amazing like stones, turned to bread by Jesus
Y’all wonder, who’s this, kid about to get the mic blessed
African teens stressed, because we’re on our own no welfare
Home Far Away from Home / No one care


Verse 2:
The rich get rich and let the poor die / Get ill can’t afford the visa man you lie, in your grave / Critical situation got us acting like slaves / 400 years after, no tears no laughter
The new millennium slave master, be the African government / But I still keep the Faith like Evans / Africans keep your head Up like Seven / Because we all know the 3rd world makes the world go round / It’s going down, Home Far Away from Home / Capture, DY, Bai, man just get get get get down

Break: Feel no shame, feel no shame my brothers
Feel no shame, feel no shame my sisters

Verse 3:
While the rich get richer / Poverty’s got us keeling each other like creatures
Our feature’s compromised / Suicidal con’s rise / Because when you get caught steeling in the motherland it be one of your last days / You get lynched like the mob / Unlike Bob you won’t be running from the popo, but to them / Even though you know it’s to damn, hot in the African cells / Home Far Away from Home, God free us from this hell


Tribal Wars

Written By: DYnamic & Gregory Jones

Verse 1:
Once upon a time in Africa / Lived a black warrior
Whose philosophy was they only be, one father in the motherland
So man he’d mark his territory a straight up marksman
You trespass you get your ass slaughtered / That was mandatory
Man that toreador SAMBA, strong black warrior, seeds
Grew up whit his warrior mentality he leads, His kingdom like no other
They get relish, the other tribes get more and more jealous
So they dug out the hatchet
Welcome to tribal wars, ever since Samba’s philosophy’s
Been the doctrine, of every black man
Listen to what I’m trying to describe, if Africa formed one kingdom not them divided tribes / You think they be able to turn us to slaves

We don’t want, we don’t need, we don’t want, no more
Tribal Wars

Verse 2:
Reached shore for sure / Samba still got his CHAKA ZULU roots deep in him
Cos it’s his only way to survive in this TRIBAL WARS
Overseas from the lands of Africa To the concrete jungles of America
From racial confrontation, to gang affiliation, from swords to guns, that warrior mentality that turned us to slaves still runs in our minds
Real black leaders been trying to unite the minds
But how can be united, if we still don’t know what keeps us divided
Our ancestors were forced to take power by force and of course 95% of today’s black man don’t intend to divorce whit that course / It’s got me lost
Samba’s people were the one’s who brought, civilisation to all nations
Yet in the 21st century they still label us savage, man Fuck that
No more Tribal Wars




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