Dynamic Box

Dynamic Box


Dynamic Box takes your average every day rock sound and adds hard jams, melodic vocals, and crunching stops to make the sound one of a kind.


Dynamic Box is a two piece band from Valparaiso Indiana. They have been performing as Dynamic Box for about 6 years now. The bands songs are all written by Chris Brown who is the lead guitar player, drummer and singer. Chris has been writing and playing for years and has played with various bands such as Temporarily Nameless, Redefined, and Phlem. Nathan Price on bass and backup vocals has also played in his far share of bands such as Temporarily Nameless and Canceled Insurance. Now with this experience behind them they have formed one powerhouse duo.


Dynamic Box-Refined Full length CD 2007
Dynamic Box-self titled Full length CD 2003

Set List

Well we do both covers and originals depending on the gig. For our 45 minute sets we usually only throw in a couple cover songs making the set almost all originals. For our 4 hour long shows we play both originals and covers all night. Most covers we play are mid to late 90s rock songs from STP, Alice in chains, Smashing Pumpkins, Puddle of Mudd, Weezer etc..... However, we also play some more current covers as well from Chevelle, Cross Fade, and the Foo Fighters.