Vero Beach, Florida, USA

DynamicDestony makes "Music That Moves You". Hi Energy original and cover tracks get the DanceFloor moving.


DynamicDestony are a Florida based duo of Tony and Rosanna Carlucci. Both sing and Tony handles the music with tasty and soaring synth solos, while Rosanna adds smooth vocals and sweet percussion. The synths are percolating and bold and the songs are undeniably catchy as they should be for music of this genre. All the right buttons are pushed and the music first and foremost is fun and danceable.


Baby's Got The Boom Boom

Written By: Tony Carlucci

Baby's Got The Boom Boom When She Walks In The Room


Single Releases:

1. Kisses In The Evening
2. Come On Baby
3. Come To Me
4. My Angel
5. Hooked On A Feeling
6. My One Desire
7. Do You Really Love Me
8. This Magic Moment
9. Think Of You
10. The Quest
11. Baby Don't You Want Me
12. Start Dancin'
13. Feels Like I'm In Love
14. Get Up
15. Stars In Your Eyes
16. You Said My Love
17. Sunshine
18. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
19. Baby's Got The Boom Boom
20. Open Your Heart
21. Don't Judge A Book
22. Got To Move
23. Lover Boy
24. The Walls Have Ears
25. Love And Desire

LP Releases:

1. Kisses In The Evening
2. Kisses In The Evening - The Remixes
3. My Angel - The Remixes
4. HardioCardio Fitness Mix
5. The Quest - Remixes
6. Don't Judge A Book - The Remixes
7. Come To Me - The Remixes
8. Hooked - The Remixes
9. Ride On The Rhythm - NonStop Club Mix

Set List

A Tasty Mixture of our original tracks with popular current and past cover songs. We Play Everything.