Dynamic Stew

Dynamic Stew


Dynamic Stew: NOUN, definition: A variety of intense, original music, ranging from dirty funk to psychedelic jams, mixed together and thrown into one large pot. Served extra hot and saucy for everlasting flava.


In April 2003, Ray Holman (drums/vocals) and Ryan Duffy’s (guitar/vocals) creation, Dynamic Stew, took flight. By combining the talents of Matt Fox (bass), Mike Schieferstein (tenor/soprano sax), Jamey Zebrack (keyboards), and Geno Licata (percussion), Dynamic Stew has been hammering the music scene with a forceful grit ever since.

Dynamic Stew, an original funk and improvisational band, hails from Farmingdale, New York. They perform their music with vigorous ambition, surging their high-energy funk into the audience from start to finish. This innovative sound is a result of the band’s unique song writing and the many influences they incorporate into their music. Each member adds his own creative styles of funk, fusion, jazz, and skillful arrangements to produce the tightly woven groove that is heard on stage.

In such a short existence, Dynamic Stew has already surpassed many of their original aspirations. The band has shared the same bill with many great acts including members of the Parliament Funkadelic, The Meters, Grateful Dead, Vida Blue, Deep Banana Blackout, Max Creek and Colonel Bruce. The band also experienced a breakthrough summer in 2005 by appearing at numerous music festivals throughout the North East.

Dynamic Stew values the relationship they have built with their audience and this can best be seen onstage. The band’s number one priority is to continuously introduce fresh, new material while creating variations of their existing songs. Each performance is packed with enough intensified funk to keep fans, old and new, coming back for more.


Under the Roof

Written By: DS

-Remember, back then
-We're all under the same roof again.
-Hey, Look around.
-Take what you want and pass the rest down.
-Do what's right. And make that money.
-Go on home and give it to your honey.

It's about that time, so help us through it.

-Throw your arms, up to the sky.
-Cause Music is the only way to fly.
-Take a look, and you will see.
-That you are with your family.
-From all of us, to all of you.
-Have another helping of that funky stew.


-Listen, to the sound.
-Take it all in and spread it around
-Come on down, and don't be late.
-Gather up your friends and bring a date.
-Grab a bowl, or take a cup.
-Have some stew and eat it up.


Johhny's Lament

Written By: Ray Holman

-People knocking on his life, claiming to be opportunists, and confucists and all that jazz.
-Searching for the remote control, doesn't swing too well with his parents, as an after-school activity.
-But the name of the game, is always the same for every single groovin' funky soul in this, cosmic universe.
-No matter the place, or time or people, who share the same views and attitudes, should look towards the heaven,

Chorus: (2x)
-And the say, OK. You wanna get down, you gotta get up.
-Don't lose, just choose. To dance to the music and drink from the cup.

-People, you can tell he ain't got no rhythm yet. But that's because he ain't tryin' too hard.
-A Friday night isn't spent, practicing accomplishments, acknowledgments and fundemental linguistics.
-And Monday Morning starts at noon, if the alarm is on or mom is vacuuming up potato chip crumb.
-Johnny can't do no wrong or right, if he doesn't absolutely nothing at all. Well I disagree.

Chorus: (2x)

-People if you want to get down, You gott get up! (4x)

-Johnny might step into the right state of mind if he can get on up, get on up, get on up.
-Any man with a plan can organize a skill or thrill or chill or kill, all he needs are connections.
-A normal situation can be enhanced, all you need is a thought and a bubble floatin' up above your head.
-But Johnny Laments about what all the other people want to write inside his bubble. He's afraid that they will

Chorus: (2x)

You got me tokin' and a strokin'. Let the good times roll. (4x)


Dynamic Stew - Self Titled (2004)

Set List


Friday, December 2nd 2005
Velvet Lounge

One Funy Ass
Pass the Peas
Don’t Funk with…
Pick up the Pieces
Fat Shredder
In Place of the Lower Half

Strong Pimp
My Lady
My Sweet thang
Simple Song
Suzie Motown
Under the Roof *
Right On

*w/ Joe Vitrano