Denver, Colorado, USA
BandHip HopEDM

Hip-hop meets electro. Lyricist Dynamic bites from honesty and entreaty over textured synths, distorted melodies, and beats that dance between driving and amplifying. Performed with a live drummer and chaotic DJ.


Formed from a taste that reaches beyond the top 40's, Dynamic teamed up with producer Remy Sega and DJ/producer option4 to co-found a regular monthly night at Denver's Snake Pit before re-opening as Beauty Bar. Gaining momentum and mass, Dynamic did more and more work MCing the night and dropping new rhymes to original tracks by Remy and option4. A sign that their taste was shared by many, Dynamic on option4's debut track was featured on the itunes Pan-European new artist page.

Before the Snake Pit's days ended, Dynamic shared the night's bill with some of his favorite Denver talent including The Chain Gang of 1974, Pictureplane, The Pirate Signal, option4, and others.

Upon releasing the first few tracks from his upcoming EP, in March '11 he teamed up with Remy Sega on the drums and option4 on the decks to create an explosive live show, debuting in Austin over SXSW at Lose Control 3 with The Chain Gang of 1974, French Horn Rebellion, SNOWDEN, and Le Castle Vania. He's followed up with performances at notable Colorado festivals including the Afterdark Music Festival and the Denver Post's very own Underground Music Showcase.

Dynamic's "Mad World" just recently finished up with a music video and banger remix by Shark Blood.


Mad World

Written By: Dynamic / Tears for Fears

All around me are familiar faces, worn out places, worn out faces.
Bright and early for their daily races, going nowhere, going nowhere.

Mad World. Crazy terrain.
Places, spaces, fill blanks in my brain.
We gotta get away, make haste to a plane.
They're trying to put us in chains, partake a refrain.

World's mad. Earth angry.
Eat away at everything human gangrene.
Rape, plunder, pillage, yes, take anything.
The earth is our village, large brain made us king.

Mad world. Bizarre realm.
Let's inspect the edge of this long limb.
Imagination boundaries explore them.
We can redefine the meaning of "foreign".

World's mad. Planet deranged.
All the faces change but the outlook is the same.
If the children are the future and our life is just a game,
Then we might start paying more attention to what games they play.

It's a mad world, hello teacher, no one knew me.
It's a mad world, what's my lesson? Look right through me.

Mad world. I'm mad, too.
Matter of fact, world, I'm mad at you.
So what? You've been hurt. That's a bad excuse.
So what? You've been marched on by all these troops.
So what? You get sick while we all pollute.
Or been abused and used. We've been mistreated, too.
So, let's cry in a glass and make it half-empty.
Could smile and laugh then we'll waste all our energy.

World's mad. Wanna drown our sorrow.
This ain't any "no tomorrow".
Today is our future and the rest is borrowed.
So, there's worn-out places where we're resting our hope.

Mad world, get over yourself.
Money makes the world turn get over your wealth.
If you are a poor man get over your health.
We sell life at a high price get it over the shelf.

And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad.
The dreams I have of dying are the best I ever have.
I find it hard to tell you, because I find it hard to take.
When people run in circles it's a very very
Mad World.


option4 Ft. Dynamic - "Sunset Blvd"
Dynamic - Dynamic Vibes - EP

Set List

(half hour set)
Intro Jam - 3 Track Mix
Opposites Attract
Mid Jam - 1 Track
Get Jrumatic
Mad World