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Austin, Texas, United States | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Rock R&B


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Dynamite, in summary, is best described as a small but highly impressive set of explosive elements, assembled into one package, and most effective once ignited by a supersonic force. Dynamite, unlike most explosive objects in the world, is a special explosive, requiring a detonating force to project its ultimate power. One spark, one strike, one shock and BOOM! Yes, this is Dynamite. A highly explosive group of musicians, fused together as a one unique set of sounds, and most effective when the supersonic power of each individual is ignited. Their controlled-chaotic sound is a distinct one, exceptional, and rather brilliant.

They are not just Rock, Funk, R&B or Metal. It's all of the above. Their music styles are quite contrasting. The lead guitarist and back-up vocalist, Jean Bougazelli, adds a super Rock n Roll element with his phenomenal skills on the electric strings. The drummer, Greg Dugan, provides the perfect rhythmic foundation that gives Dynamite that umph and definitely makes you feel the music. The bass guitarist, Greg Muzljakovich, brings the flavor with his savory sound, whether it be spicy and hard-core or silky-smooth and funky. And lastly, the lead vocalist, Larry Ladale, brings a euphoric Rock and Blues sound with his voice, and is eccentric with his crazy dance moves and style; it all just brilliantly works. However, it wasnt always this way. Trial-and-error and several years would prove these young men and eventually produce the final outcome of this creation.

I met Greg Muzljakovich back in 2009 through a mutual friend and I was playing with a not so great band at the time, states Jean. Eventually, the two would realize they shared a similar vision and passion for the sound they wanted to create. Soon after, they began to play and write songs together. For an entire year they would play, write and create music together, while also partnering up with a drummer to add to their mix. By 2010, another key addition would be added to the team. Greg and I had been playing with this drummer for about a year and then I met Larry, says Jean. It seemed as though they might have actually had something pretty good going on, because they did. Unfortunately, Greg would dismantle from the group to pursue other endeavors and so would the drummer. All that was left was electric guitarist, Jean and the new-found vocalist, Larry. This undoubtedly added fuel to the fire.

Jean and Larry would continue on, playing with many different musicians on and off. They would do small gigs here and there, performed a few open mic events and even took an opportunity to do a major gig together. But nothing solid pulled together for them. Although Jean and Larry persisted to keep on jamming together, it was very difficult for them to even entertain the thought of forming a solid band. While they continued on strong together, they simultaneously faced the failing task of finding other talented and committed musicians to perform with. But surprising and refreshingly enough, Greg Muzljakovich would eventually rekindle his musical relationship with Jean and Larry. Not long after that, one of Larrys co-workers, Greg Dugan, another Greg, would soon join the trio as the drummer. After years of playing here and there, and experiencing ups and downs and all arounds, Jean, Larry, Greg and Greg knew they were it. Finally, a solid group of real musicians could actually call themselves, a band.

The name Dynamite formulated after Larry and Jean decided they wanted a name that had an old-school, 1970s feel to it. A few names came to mind: Jelly Brain, Jive Turkey and Dynomite. They gravitated more towards Dynomite. But agreeing that Dynomite could possibly appear to have obvious correlation with the popular catchphrase Dyn-o-mite! created by the J.J. character from the popular 1970s hit television show, Good Times, they insisted on dropping the o and rolled with the original word Dynamite. We tried to A: find a name not already famously taken, and B: find something that sounded retro and cool at the same time, says Larry. There was a nay-sayer who once stated [Dynamite] sounded outdated and old. Then we said, perfect.

Dynamite began to rehearse and perform various events as an official band. They would do showcases and even a fashion show for the RAW Artists Organization. Grateful and taking every opportunity they had, most of what they were playing was cover music. They realized that in order to gain a following, they had to do what they had to do, a price for the grind I suppose, states Larry. Soon after, they would successfully secure a studio to record and rehearse in, a producer and a sound engineer. They realized this would be their chance to actually have their original music heard. They were on the grind with their writing, recording instrumentals and of course their full tracks. Dynamite now had original music, tangible music, and could incorporate their original works with the