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Dynamite Jive is "The World's Most Unexpected Hip Hop Duo!"


“The World’s Most Unexpected Hip Hop Duo!” – DYNAMITE JIVE – have just unleashed their 3rd CD, BAGADOPE, and they are excited to push it onto the ears of the world.

Bringing serious skills together with a high-energy, good-time vibe - that's Dynamite Jive's trademark one-two punch. Tony J. and Teemaree pull out all the stops in their live shows & they will rock your ass, even if you don't have one.

But where does all that energy go when they're not out performing live? These do-it-yourselfer's handle every aspect of their own careers, from recording and mixing to marketing and distribution. This isn't music for the test-marketed, focus-grouped mallrats. This is the real stuff, the stirring stuff, from people who remember a time when making music was all about having fun.

Since their beginnings in 2001 with their debut release, ‘Nice to Meet You’, through their ‘mutated’ 2nd album, this duo has continued to push the boundaries of customary independent music. With this 3rd release, they are confident that the world will connect with their ‘BAGADOPE’, and get lifted!

To SEE VIDEO OF US, please visit: www.dynamitejive.com/djvideopage.html
The "JiveCast" is our brand new podcast!


"BAGADOPE" - LP - 2007
"mutated" - LP - 2004
"Nice to meet you" - EP - 2001

Set List

Sets are 10, 30, or 45 minutes.

Sets contain ALL ORIGINAL material from Dynamite Jive's latest CD, "BAGADOPE", as well as their previous releases, "mutated" and "Nice to meet you".