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"The Holiness House of Worship"

Dynamite X is a young man who brings forth the Word with energized truth. His most recent work was dedicated to our pastors and was well recieved with tears and people rejoicing in the isles. It was a spiritual uplift to see the young people in our church express their Christian beliefs and convictions as a direct result of Dynamite X's Ministry.

Deacon Willie Green, Youth Coordinator
2330 NW 2nd Ave
Pompano Beach, FL 33060 - Willie Green, Church Deacon, Youth Coordinator

"African American Cultural Center and Research Library"


There is no challenge greater than being a role model within a diverse community, unless, of course that challenge is making a positive mark that will never be erased. This is the type of mark made by Dynamite X in his time with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Broward County which is why it brings me great pleasure to recommend him as an stellar artist.

There is so much to be said about such a phenomenal young man. One word comes to mind, and that is, Extraordinary! When Dynamite X first became a part of the Boys and Girls Clubs Talent Showcase, in 1997, I knew that there was something special and very different about him, but it wasn't until later that I realized that he bore wisdom beyond his years and potential that exceeded the expectations of all who knew him.

Dynamite X is a leader and positive influence by nature. He never shied away from a challenge or his faith and he welcomed new experiences like a true soldier. He enjoyed taking part in activities that would make a real difference in the community. He was the only holy hip hop artist invited to participate in the First Annual Hip Hop Empowerment Conference. He is not only well educated, but he is dedicated to his craft and driven to succeed. His activities through years were vast.

Just by his acheivements and activities as an artist, one can conclude that Dynamtie X is versatile, outgoing, creative, talented, and eager to make a difference. Many lives are touched because Dynamite X is true to his commitment to the music for so many years and we are so proud to have had the opportunity to see this young artist develop.

I without reservation or hesitation, recommend Dynamite X in the highest regard. I am confident that he will prove to be an asset to the music world. - Belvit Jordan, Producer, Technical Director

"Katherine Wilson"

I have known Demetrius Veasy, also known as "Dynamite X" for approximately ten years and have been working with him personally in the rap ministry. Dynamite X is an individual who refuses to comprise the Word of God in his music. He has been an inspiration to the youth and the young at heart at my place of worship, Zoe'-Life Christain Center.

I am sure Dynamite X will be an outstanding Minister in performance at the Rap Fest. If you wish to speak with me directly, I can be reached at 954.583.7149 - Executive Assistant to Chief of Staff954.321.4165

"Letter From The Pastors"

phone no: 1-866-zoe-life
email: zoelifetc@bellsouth.net

It is always a great joy for us to give commendation and to acclaim Demetrius. He continues to press and accomplish bigger and better things for his life and the community. In December, Demetrius graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Arts. In addition, he continues to develop himself as a brilliant lyricist and producer.

Demetrius' ability to press forward toward his goals, despite adversity, has helped to develop his uncompromising character. However, Demetrius' finest quality is his godly compassion for humanity.

Thank you for this opportunity to speak regarding Demetrius. He is one of this generations' finest 'up-and-coming' champions. - Pastors Derrick & Lena Gillis

"International Christian Fellowship"


Fellow Laborers in Christ,

Greetings in the saving name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

As Street Outreach Block Party in Sunrise began, we could sense God moving in magnificent ways.

We are grateful for the vital role each one of you played in making this event a success. Your support and dedication were overwhelming!

It was amazing to see International Christian Fellowship & George Lopez Promotions together with of the local supporters and volunteers working together. Together we worked to ensure that every person in attendance would have the chance to hear, to see and to experience the love of Jesus Christ. And what a glorious time it was! We witnessed an estimated 250 people gathering to hear the Good News… of which 1 person openly responded to the message of hope and made a first-time decision for Christ, and we are believing for the seeds sown to be harvested in due time!

Sunrise Street Outreach Block Party was a powerful event. We all were blessed to see an entire 16th Place on Sunrise radically changed and mobilized to carry out the work of the Kingdom. We serve a great and mighty God.

I want to thank each and every one of you for your part in making this incredible event in Sunrise possible. Whether by prayer, financial support or your physical presence at the Block Party, you have helped to reach many people with the Good News!

Many varieties of food & drink were served. All the food & drinks were well received. Thanks to all, we came together as one body and provided to make this Block Party a great success. Everything that was needed was provided.

Performers/artistes share their talents and testimonies. AND emphasized their greatest passion: reaching the world with the love of Jesus Christ!


I.C.F Street Outreach primary objective of sharing Christ in and with the community is making an impact. It is intended to continue this effort to advance the kingdom of God and make disciples of all nations that would respond.

Your continued support and involvement would be greatly appreciated.

Your brother in Christ

J "Abraham" ...reaching the nations. Until everyone hears
I.C.F -- Street Outreach
Cell # 954-494-2200 - J "Abraham"

"2007 Holy Hip Hop Recap"

Written By: Ursula D. Frederick-Brown,

Atlanta. January 17, 2007 -- This past week of festivities was a signal to the world that the holy hip hop genre is moving to higher ground. Fellowship of Holy Hip Hop hosted its 7th Annual Artist Showcase and Music Awards during Holy Hip Hop Week (January 8th – 17th) in Atlanta; the Annual Precursor Event to Dr. M.L. King Week, honoring Ministers of the Gospel world-wide from more than 140 cities, 38 states, and 5 nations. This year’s event was triumphed by appearances of some of Hip-Hop’s old school pioneers coupled with substantial media coverage, and most noted by impacting the lives of the youth.

Holy Hip Hop Week was graced by the likes of Kurtis Blow, DJ Flame, Sparkey D, Grand Master Caz and DJ K-Wiz at Center Stage Arena (ATL), individuals whose talents and contributions were instrumental in giving rise to hip hop from the Bronx. These renowned hip hop pioneers have come full circle and have pledged use their gifts for saving souls and professing Christ. A memorable moment, on Friday night January 12, 2007, was the surprise appearance by Mason Betha, aka "Mase", who walked in unannounced and publicly-apologized, on-stage, directly to Minister eDDie Velez and the entire global Holy Hip Hop community for past statements denouncing Christian hip hop ministry in all forms and simultaneously expressing his deepest respect and support for the movement in humbly acknowledging that holy hip hop music can be used as a tool to win back the lost, expressing that he trusts "God will use him to evangelize in arenas where there are 60,000+ souls present at a time" and then sincerely asked that the global HHH community "Pray for him, to a deafening applause from all present to witness this request."

Over 15 media outlets from around the nation conducted hundreds of video-recorded interviews with Ministers of the Gospel who were in the house. Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN & JCTV), Christian Television Network (CTN), to name a few, and reporters from educational institutions like Columbia University, along with Hp4 Digital Works (Christopher Martin-"Play") were on hand to record the entire program, as a part of plans to air the 2007 Holy Hip Hop Music Awards on Cable Television in the Spring of 2007. And speaking of Chris Martin, it was a major accomplishment to hear him and Kurtis Blow be interviewed on V-103’s Frank and Wanda Morning Show reaching over 100,000 Atlanta residents each morning, where Chris and Kurtis talked about upcoming projects and were able to have played on the airwaves the track titled "Tha Block Iz Hot" from of one of Urban Gospel’s up & coming emcees, Ifeanyi.

Young people were not left out of the equation this year and as a matter of fact they showed up and showed out. Barley even teenagers, young phenoms like KJ, 12-year old from Minneapolis, and Young Prayzr, 10-year old from Atlanta were show stoppers bringing the heat to the place. Yet another area the youth excelled in was at the Altar Call, where a number of lives were transformed by the ministry in the house when salvation was offered following powerful and moving praise and worship by Canton Jones and a stirring and riveting sermon from eDDie Velez, with youth dropping to their knees in the middle of the arena and giving their lives to Christ.

Holy Hip Hop Week was a great success, and perhaps one of the greatest highlights came in the form of a letter endorsement of the event by Mayor Shirley Franklin and the City of Atlanta. More than 100/five minute back-to-back performances (the world's largest showcase of its type) took place during the Friday and Saturday nights. All of the Ministers in the house truly represented Christ on the Mic, to the best of their ability from beginning to end, including all of the free-stylers in the main lobby, who also simultaneously for the 7th year-in-a-row kept the party flowing until 1 A.M. each night combined with the anointed turntables of the Higher Ground and Go Ye Djs rockin the house from beginning to end.

Meanwhile at the newly-renovated $8 million Crowne Plaza Hotel (Marietta/Atlanta), Holy Hip Hop Week's UGA/U-Zone/Amen Films/HolyHipHop.com Mixer was attended in record numbers and the performances of V.I.C., Bianca Woodard, Salah, D Class, Richard Dauphin, and KJ were off the charts! The Mixer was followed up each morning by ministry classes hosted by Urban D, Minister Velez and Pastor Wallace, along with Brian Wood of the Holy Rollerz Christian Car Club, providing ministry and educational classes to attendees from coast-to-coast. U-Zone Magazine (4-color) Winter edition copies were handed out to each and every attendee of Holy Hip Hop Week, as the official publication and program. Infinity Music Group President Brad Mathias, Urban D and eDDie Velez hosted the Holy Hip Hop Summit to a packed room of attendees discussing relevant topics of Ministry and advancement of the Gospel.

2007 honorees include: Dynamite X, EMc, God's Army, Japhia Life, Tony Stone, Shei Atkins, Bobby Bishop, Lecrae, Knine, J.Kwest, , Kennie Ra Kennie Randall, MVP. Ambassador Award: Minister Floyd Cray, and Pastor Ephrem Smith.

HOLY HIP HOP MUSIC AWARDS HONOREES from 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 respectively include: JahWord, Prime Minister, Scribe, Easop, Cross Movement, Pettidee, T-Bone, Chejah, Mark J, D-Hunter, Nolly Williams, BB-Jay, Jaz, Knowdaverbs, Nuwine, Amani, Corey Red, Elle Roc, Urban D, G.R.I.T.S., Precise, Tragedy, Son of Jesse, Godsunz, Lil Raskull, Obadiah-1, Bishop Eddie Long, Tre-9, Lady Kross, Tunnel Rats, Street Sweeperz, G.O.G.’z, Sup The Chemist, Lisa McClendon, Ricardo Flo, Frankie Cutlass, Ambassador, Set-Free, Breeve Eazy, KJ52, Ty Scott, The Priesthood, Mr. Del, HanSoul & Tribe of Judah, Idol King, STIKK, Carriers of the Cross, Kingsta, Ricky B. & 4Given, Shekinah, Christopher Martin, Sean Slaughter, Todd Bangz, Enock, New Breed, Fros-T, Lil Short/e, DJ Lace, Dynamic Twins, Lee Jerkins, Fiti Futuristic, Canton Jones, J.Silas, Bert Bocachica, Phanatik, L.A. Symphony, Minister Zion, Ritchie Righteous, DJ Maj, Shai Linne, Light, TooBiz, Mars Ill, John The Baptist, Ason, Rawsrvnt, and Curtis Jermany.

Holy Hip Hop is alive and well; and with the combination of Old School and Nu School in the house last week-end, anyone present can surely sense and feel the unity, the love and fellowship. Truly a week-end to remember, a Turning Point. See ya in 2008!

Written By: Ursula D. Frederick-Brown, Urban Gospel Alliance - Atlanta Chapter.

- Urban Gospel Alliance

"Aspiring artist finds divine inspiration for work on show at anime convention Hip-hop take on Gospels is part of annual anime event"

In the imagination of aspiring artist Demetrius Veasy, Satan has gone gangsta.

He wears platinum chains, flashes a diamond grill when he smiles and tempts the masses with "cash money."

In this same world — which Veasy brings to life each night after work, drawing his own Japanese-style comic book — mankind's hope is The Lion, a Messianic superhero with dreadlocks, ripped abs, mad martial art skills and a crew of 12 brothers.

Veasy's artwork will be on display today as part of the Broward County Library's annual anime convention, an event celebrating Japanese animation and still comics, known as manga, that drew about 1,000 fans last year.

Anime is often seen as being popular among American schoolchildren (remember Pokémon?), but some of those children have already grown up to become adults like Veasy, 29. He hopes the exposure he gets this weekend will help him turn his passion into a profession.

"I would love to make a career of this. It's what everybody wants, to do what they love," the Fort Lauderdale resident said.

For now, Veasy pays his bills overseeing audiovisual equipment at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, where he graduated with a degree in graphic design.

The convention, which is free and open to the public, will be held today from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Main Library, 100 S. Andrews Ave., downtown Fort Lauderdale. It will feature anime screenings, art and computer workshops, a costume contest, Japanese taiko drumming and an appearance by a voice actor for the anime series Dragon Ball Z.

Along with Veasy, other young artists will display their work and do "drawings on demand," said event organizer and teen services librarian Arlene Garcia.

"I really wanted to highlight the talent that goes into anime: the art, the voice characters, the music," she said.

Breaking into the business is no easy feat. Hope Donovan, an editor at Tokyopop, the largest publisher and distributor of American manga, said would-be artists must be passionately driven because industry pay is often low.

To encourage young talent, her company runs an annual manga contest to identify rising stars in the United States.

"It's a bridge from being an amateur to being a professional," she said. "If you're passionate about it, just do it and people will notice."

That's what Veasy is hoping for. He used his own money to publish the maiden issue of his own comic book and will be selling it at the convention for $4.75 a copy — about 50 cents over what it cost him to print.

"Right now, I don't care about the money," he said. "I just care about getting the message across."

That message is as eclectic as Veasy, a South Florida native who grew up loving rap music, all things Japanese and church. He describes his comic strip as a "hip-hop/kung fu/anime re-enactment of Jesus and his 12 disciples." The name of the strip, Lions 12, comes from a Biblical verse that refers to Jesus as the Lion of Judah. The plotline is lifted from the Gospels.

"The idea just popped into my head one day," he said. "I started drawing like a madman."

Veasy has taken certain license to make the strip appeal to a young, diverse crowd. Each disciple kicks butt with a different style of martial art, and Veasy has changed some of the names: Peter, for example, is P. Rock, Judas is J. Money and the devil is Damien. Jesus, The Lion, often refers to God as "Pops."

The slang-filled dialogue also includes a dash of Hebrew. Veasy's mother, a devout Christian, sent him to a private Jewish academy during middle school in hopes of bettering his education. Some rudimentary bits of the language, along with a deep respect for Judaism, stayed with him, the artist said.

While Christian-themed manga may sound unusual, Veasy sees parallels with the values extolled in Japanese culture and said he hopes to counter the materialism, senseless violence and laziness that permeate the U.S. mass media.

"I love my country, but so much of what we are being taught is so backward," he said.

"In Japan, everybody studies, they are very astute, where with American kids, we're slackers. Those kids have nothing but respect for their elders. Here, there are kids shooting somebody."

Veasy said some may be turned off by his vision of Jesus as a muscled street fighter, rather than the often placid portrayal given in Sunday schools. But he hopes his work will give others the courage to fight wrongs and take on the establishment.

"People like to see [Jesus] with blue eyes, always happy," he said. "I like to see him bruised and beaten, always being chased, always looking over his shoulder.

"I believe he's the first superhero."
- Jamie Malernee / South Florida Sun-Sentinel


Darkest Day Brightest Night - Coming Soon
Single "End of The World"
Rise Of The Son
Single "Godlicious"



God Chosen Records

Who Is Dynamite X

ISAIAH 42:1 Here is my servant! I have made him strong. He is my chosen one.

• Recipient of the 2007 Holy Hip Hop Inc. award in Atlanta, Georgia
• Only gospel hip hop artist to tour east coast with the nationally acclaimed “Extreme Tour 2007” (endorsed by Luis Palau and World Vision)
• Creator & Illustrator of First Gospel Hip Hop Comic Book www.lions12.com
• Invited to perform in 2 venues during GMA week in Nashville

Dynamite X was born to bless others with his artistic abilities. Floridian born, Dynamite X has been spreading his explosive lyrics and innovative music throughout South Florida for over ten years. What keeps him consistent as he moves up towards the path of success, is keeping in the forefront first, his faith in God, his spiritual foundation, and his growth at Zoe’-Life Christian Center.

“Darkest Day Brightest Night” is Dynamite X’s sophomore project will be released in November. The album is a blend of high energy gospel music with explosive content. The lyrics are real biblical knowledge mixed with street life. The music is true to the hip hop sound with a splash of rock.

In addition to music, God has given Dynamite X’s many gifts to draw the lost to the love of God. Recently, he debuted the first gospel hip hop comic book series, “Lions12” at the 2007 Holy Hip Hop Artist Showcase and Music Awards where he received an award for his work in providing positive and inspirational music to the community at-large.

Dynamite X has shared the stage with Donnie McClurkin, Sean Slaughter, Urban D, Raw Srvnt, Canton Jones, Corey Red and Precise and many others. He joins his comrades to edify and build up the body of Christ and to reach the lost.

In the summer he joined the national Extreme Tour endorsed by Luis Palau. He was the only gospel hip hop artist to tour the east coast with the mission of taking a stand against music that contaminates the minds of the youth. Coming back from the tour he was invited to perform at the BET Summer Sound Stage along with Canton Jones and others.

To book Dynamite X for concerts, youth groups, speaking engagements and/or book signings contact Joy Veasy at 954.658.5791 or veasyj@bellsouth.net