Dynamo is an interesting entity. It's hard to shove them into a genre. They can flow from a chill jammy groove into a syncopated metal monster in a second. I think it's that they have telepathy. The improvisational limits are endless. I believe they are they future of fusion music for the masses.


Once upon a time in South Jersey a couple of young metal musicians met in a rundown rehearsal spot. Unbeknown to them, years later they would be playing in one hell of a band. Chris Bailey and Chris Blumberg played together for years, feeding of each others own unique percussive styles and textured rhythms. Their bass and drum playing together is one of a kind, a two piece machine. They met guitar genius Jeff Granstrom casually at the spot, he was in a different band at the time. Months later all of the previous bands faded and Blumberg found an ad looking for a bassist and drummer. It was Jeff. TADA. Miracles do happen. The three of them locked themselves away for over a year. Not writing, but fusing and mind melding, working on telepathy. Experimenting with every style of music, sound, and texture then bringing it all together. Their new fusion sound is different, fresh, original, and exciting. The energy is bursting from the attack of progressive rhythms and funky grooves. Intoxicating highs to sobering lows and everything in between. Drums flying, Bass thundering, and Guitars Blazing. A truly Dynamic listening experience. After word got around they were known as Dynamo Trio in the local music scene. A year of adventurous shows, new songs, and amazing improvisations followed. Then a younger Granstrom emerged. Brian Granstrom spent many sleepless nights studying guitar. Becoming one with his craft, a young prodigy in the making. Many people tried to play with Dynamo Trio, but no one fit with such taste and class as Brian. He brings the atmosphere and the nasty chops to boot. Since the addition the band has been unstoppable. Surprising audiences young and old. Winning new fans at every turn. Everyone seems to enjoy the positive vibe and creative expression that this group pours out. The group now known as DYNAMO. As they grow from show to show and travel from town to town. They never forgot to stop and take it all in and enjoy it. Especially when they see the crowds enjoying themselves to the new fusion sounds of DYNAMO.


The band has yet to release the "full length album". They record almost all of their shows then pass them out to the fans for free. It's win/win situation.

Set List

There is no typical setlist. Sometimes they play some pieces the've written. But the songs never sound the same twice. Constantly growing and shifting. Sometimes they'll improvise a whole show with one long jam. Sometimes they'll call musicans up from the other bands there playing with and do whatever covers they know together. Anything goes. Anything and Everything is the motto.