Dynez Dennis

Dynez Dennis


My music is a sound that crosses all barriers and surpasses all genres. It is a true unique expression of a beautiful gift. That I enjoy sharing with everyone.


At the tender age of 22 Dynez Dennis is a Soul R&B singer who is wise and talented far beyond his years. Under the direction of his mother Dr. Tawanna E. Ellis, roundly credited for her vision of the late Apostle, R.L. Garner’s 100 Plus Choir. His dynamic sound is one that is shaping, and redefines the role and standards for male singers present, and to come.

This young man has been singing since the age of two years old. On any given Sunday you could find this true country boy belting out lead vocals amongst a midst of seasoned singers in his home church in North Carolina. Even then, this young man sung with such passion, and conviction it would be almost impossible not to feel the message being delivered by song.

With moving, and relocating a major factor in his life, music was always an outlet he used to convey his drive, and zeal for his craft. During this time he would receive vocal lessons from his mother, and would study many different styles, and genres that would in time aide to his own unique sound. It also led him too various singing competitions, and a slue of awards, and certificates before the age of 15.

By the beginning of his college years he was able to land a background singing job for then Elektra recording artist, Lil Mo. In time that would be the turning point that would enable him to go on the road with other artists such as Carl Thomas, Jesse Powell, Missy Elliott, and even Jay-Z. Although he loved the opportunity to be apart of an industry which he admired, his start was being the front man. It was only a matter of time until he sought out on his own to pursue his dream.

Not quite unlike many other artists, Dynez has had his share of setbacks, disappointments, and broken promises. However, none of these could break him or deter him from his ultimate goal.

Dynez Dennis has often been compared to artists such as , Raashan Patterson, Joe, Carl Thomas, J. Moss; but make no mistake his style is one that is totally his own. True music can tear right through your soul and give you chills. Dynez Dennis has mastered the art to captivate and mesmerize a crowd with his tenacity for excellence with his sound.


Tha One- Released September 2007

Set List

My set list consists of my new club banger entitled, "Tha One", written and produced by Dynez Dennis.
A typical set for me can range from 15-30min. given the venue. My particular sound is a soulful, rich, R&B slash gospel slash jazz.