A mix of well thought out heavy riffs with cohesive songwriting that focuses away from fads or revivialist metal and towards what metal should be: Confronting, entertaining and intense.


Hailing from Perth's northern suburbs, Dyscord fuse many different facets of heavy music into a cohesive and well structured sound. Uncompromisingly brutal with generous splashes of melody, the band has achieved much in their short 4 year stint on the music scene. Including national tours with international metal bands The Black Dahlia Murder and God Forbid, and supports with the likes of Killswitch Engage, Mudvayne, As I Lay Dying, The Haunted, Unearth, Static X, Darkest Hour, Ill Nino, and national supports with the likes of Parkway Drive, Truth Corroded, I Killed The Prom Queen, The Mark of Cain, 5 Star Prison Cell, Daysend, In Name and Blood, Against, Wendy Icon, The Dead Walk and Alchemist, Dyscord have been a driving force in the heavy scene as of late.

With an intense, chaotic live show harnessing strong dynamics and masterful stage presence, Dyscord aim not only to please fans of the heavier persuasion, but also to convert an otherwise neglected audience of music fans who do not favor the heavy genre. This open minded outlook on their own music and where they stand in the Perth scene, saw over 450 payers attend the "Arming Within" debut E.P. launch at the Amplifier Bar, in Perth.

Dyscord show no signs of slowing their momentum, having just launched their debut E.P. "Arming Within" they have more international supports and national tours in the pipeline as well as an impending full length release. The band will continue to bombard the Perth scene with relentless live shows putting 100 percent into every venture they partake in. With the emphasis very much on professionalism, Dyscord refuse to go unnoticed.



Written By: Dyscord

This song defines all who stand behind it, arming within
This truth inspires or so I'm told, there is a place for us all
In a world with so little to believe in, you rise above us all, we'll see how deep you go.
Cowards wield the largest swords.
Hand to hand embrace in times of good, fist to fist clink of weapons in times of war hands beyond fists, the underbelly makes the way for the body of the beast, your fires temper steel, resolved for strength.
Peace be to those who overcome the script thats written for them.
I can't feel your wings your majesty, you've over stepped your boundries this time sir.


EP- 'Arming Within' 2006
Available anywhere in the world through '78 Records

Samples @ www.myspace.com/dyscord