Dysfunktional ft Chief Jones
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Dysfunktional ft Chief Jones

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Chief has dropped da Avalanche i 2004 on cd baby
came back with "Street Buzz" mixtape and he was on the "Yo Shit Ain't Safe Vol 1" later Dysfunktional put out "Truly Just Me" followed by "Da Beginin Of Dys" the mixtape and album on itunes and now there is "What if Everything Was Dys" coming later dys year. next month "Yo Shit Ain't Safe Vol 2"



The Kyngdom of K.O.D is consisted of 2 Kyngs and a Queen; or better a Kyng, a Chief, and a Queen. So there is Dys, which is the glue and Chief who’s real life you feel thru every track. Black Pearl brings soul to every track she is on. You have da West, da Mid-West, and the dirties of the South. Dys is a dynamic story teller and Chief breathes so much life in every track that he gets on, but Pearl brings R&B sass to any hook, verse or what ever part of a song she is on. Dys makes some funky jazz so I guess you could say Dys is a mix of Quik and Nas or the second coming of someone but Dys would say {I am the first Dys). Chief is still the underground Jay-Z, but instead of the R.O.C. the letters are K.O.D. Kyng Of my Domayn started in 03 and here in 09 they grow as individuals and as a collective whole Dys is K.O.D. No pun intended. Dysfunktional aka Dys or D.Y. got his start in music as a beat maker for another budding indie label. He decided to create his own brand, which is now K.O.D. or better known as Kyng Of my Domayn. It was created to give the right artists the right opportunity. Later, after many years of lack luster artist on the label that came and went Dys picked up the mic and thus Dysfunktional the rapper was born. Dys a name given to him by Chief, Dys aka Hannibol Bain is the battle rapping alter ego of the cool laid back Dys. Long before Dys became lyrical on the mic he would battle on the south side where he lost then but he won’t lose now. The influence of Nas and other lyric rappers is the style that Dys has chosen to use to express himself. In 2003 Dys put together a mixtape titled Yo Shit Ain’t Safe K.O.D. mixtape vol 1. Soon after that he began horning his own skill and dropped Truly Just Me a mixtape with the help of other K.O.D. artists. The mixtape was a deep dark look at the man behind Dys as he traded verses with Chief and others like J Grubbs or Verbal E aka Domino Harvey. A year and some months Dys remerged with DaBeginin of Dys Mixtape which showed and proved his growth as well as his love for hip hop not looking for something to spin and make people just dance. As soon as he began working on the mixtape his need for hot beats forced him to create his own style. At the same time that the mixtape came to an end, the birth of his son and the birth of his first debut album was done. Now ever evolving is his second album What If Everything Was Dys is on the verge of becoming a classic hit.

Dys has performed in small clubs like the Rocking Horse and Armai Ra Ha, as well as other small venues. Dys is a true coinasurer of hip hop so wait stay tuned and watch the rest of the story unfold.
Born in the mid-west in the heart of chi-town, better known as Chicago, Latisha started singing at the tender age of four years old. With some wild and crazy stuff going on around, her love for rhythm and blues or R&B was forever embedded in her. Latisha better known as Black Pearl, the voice of K.O.D. entered talent shows and had a famous vocal coach, Felony from Public Announcement. In Pearl’s later years, she abandoned singing to focus more on life. She met Dys and he convinced her to serenade while singing background vocals on hooks. The first song Pearl did with K.O.D. was “Street Life” where her vocals brought a balance to Dys’s gritty flow of the streets. Next, was a song by Dys called “Friends” where she was given the name Black Pearl by Dys after sitting around joking. Dys said the name fit her because everybody wants to be a diamond but nobody is really that hard. Beautiful Pearl is but eloquent, soft, and soulful but very different then your typical R&B chick. As for the hits they just keep coming. Pearl battles with herself all the time about fame. She remains poignant that she wants no part of it. But with a voice as soulful as hers if the Kyng and Chief don’t blow, she is next fa sho. The future is bright for Pearl but one thing the world will always know is there will never be a K.O.D. album without her. Welcome to the Queen of K.O.D: BLACK PEARL …………STAY TUNED. Melvin Jones was born in Birmingham, Al. Grew up like most of us did on 2pac. He grew up with a different love for hip hop. He’s been recording since he was eight or nine years old. Chief put out his first demo at eleven, from then it was written his life as Melvin would be forever known as Chief Jones but he later drops the Jones. His first LP was the Avalanche. Kats didn’t get it because he was standing in the middle of the desert alone. So I guess you can call Chief the cold front of hip hop or at least of K.O.D. He was working on Street Buzz, but later abandoned the project. Now we are all waiting for the next mix tape or album. Whether performing somewhere or recording, Chief will leave you wanting more of either his dynamic flow, impeccable timing on beat, or personal stories of life. One of his most notable songs were then and now “Song Cry”, “Laughing At Em’”, and “My Grandma’s House”. He then went on to create