Dystonic influences range from Dave Matthews Band to D'angelo to Stevie Wonder and combine to produce radio-worthy songs that many say sound like Maroon 5.


      Dystonic is bursting forth on the live music scene with their seamless blend of rock and jazz. Based in Greenville, NC, the quartet utilizes lush vocal harmonies, intriguing arrangements, and masterful instrumental prowess to create an incredible live show that is both interactive and captivating. Crowds across the Southeast will soon understand the significance of Dystonic.
  "The musicians in this group are so talented and in-touch they can explore an idea and get way out there all the while maintaining a groove and feel that a crowd will really dig." says Marcus Kelly, a recently enlightened Dystonic fan. "College kids like myself will love ˜em, but they also appeal to the older, more refined audiences".
      The band has been packing clubs in Eastern North Carolina and Virginia for several years. Members have performed at: Toronto Music Festival, Cat's Cradle, Birdland, NORML Fall Festival and Wright Auditorium on East Carolina University's campus. 
      The Dystonic line up has always included David Dixon (guitar/vox), Adam Yacine Sebti (keys/vox), Will Kitchin (drums) and John Ray (bass). The long-time friends started playing together in 1997 when they were still in high school. The pursuit of a professional career in music eventually split the members between Berklee College of Music, NC School of the Arts with Will and Adam attending the much acclaimed ECU Jazz Studies Program. 
      Dystonic's strong original material, laced with hints of Dave Matthews Band or Maroon 5, is weaved throughout their live sets with quality cover material. The band's cover list is a wide-variety of old and new classics, from The Beatles to the Foo Fighters or even Wyclef Jean. The band shows influences through song selection. However, listeners are more likely to leave humming an original tune.
      2004 saw the release of the self-titled Dystonic EP. The band worked with Producer David Wolfe to put seven songs together featuring catchy lyrics and jazzy riffs. Reid Dorsett of The East Carolinian continued, ˜This CD captures listeners". The album is a collection of intriguing and diverse songs. As an added bonus, the EP is also an Enhanced CD featuring all press kit material and a short documentary about the making of the album. 
      Dystonic will be touring the Mid-Atlantic states and Southeast markets throughout 2006, so look and listen for their arrival to your area soon. If its funky and its sonic, is probably Dystonic!


David Dixon
Spacedonkey Productions/Booking


DYSTONIC: self-titled EP released September, 2004
airplay on NC college radio stations

The Memorial Underground Sessions. EP released July, 2006

Set List

Dystonic usually performs 45min-1hr long sets and are used to playing 3 sets per show. The band plays more originals than covers but do mix in songs by other, well-known artists. The stylistic range of these covers is diverse and adds to the overall appeal of Dystonic's live show. Below is a sample Dystonic setlist:
Dystonic Set II-Outer Banks Brewing Station 12/30/05
1) State of Mind -dystonic
2) Use Me -bill withers
3) Pocket -dystonic
4) Trouble -dystonic
5) Used to Love U -John Legend
6) The Blue Mule -dystonic
7)Sky High -dystonic
8)Spanish Joint -D'angelo
9)Whisper -dystonic
10) The Breaks -dystonic
11) Follow Me -dystonic
12)Crosstown Traffic -Jimi Hendrix