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DZ (Divine Zeal) comes straight out the Jersey Jungles to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ with, passionate, grit, style and a strong sense of urgency. DZ felt the calling to spread the Gospel through hip hop while spending time in jail for charges he faced from before he was saved. While in locked up, he was able to see many young men confused, lost, angry, and misguided by popular hip hop.
“We live in a hip hop age and traditional evangelism has not been effective with reaching the young people.” DZ says
“I am not here to entertain, I am here to tell the “truth”, and that truth is Christ lives and He is coming again. I am using hip hop as a tool to speak to young people in the language that they understand.”
DZ has a raw rugged style, accented by strong lyrics that all lovers of hip hop will enjoy. His first single “Sin Sick World” says it all. The intensity and evident street appeal testifies to the life he’s lead.
DZ is currently ministering throughout the NY, NJ and Philadelphia areas. He is high demand with youth groups, churches, street missions, and juvenile delinquent centers. Listen for yourself and see the anointing God has given his servant.


Sin Sick World

Written By: DZ

Verse 1.

In 81 I was born in this sin sick world in the womb God said help this sin sick world
In the 80’s was the cracks in the 80;s was the rap;s in the 80’s was three eighties blind
Women on they backs these are the facts that led me straight to his tracks but before that
D hit the block pushing some crap. In 02 got caught holding the gack in 03 it’s on but the
Pole I smacked. I’m still alive thank God for that open the doors of my heart and I never looked back. Know im saved my whole mind is changed and when I walk down the street cats look at me strange.

Chorus: We aint ashamed to go out in this sin sick world we aint ashamed to praise His name in this sin sick world we aint ashamed to tell people that god is real and that Christ is the center of the joy I feel.

Verse 2.

Back in the days I was off the hook so bent out my mind that I never took a look at the book that had saved my life it was triff did so many dumb things almost lost my wife lost my wife lost in rage my pops told me in the hospital its only a phase only a stage but its this sin I crave because im cursed with the flesh but by his grace im saved
That’s what happens in this sin sick world jokers think about they money or they real fast girls or real fast cars now they all thugs at the bar wit a blunt in they mouth profiling wit a cigar its all good cause we here to bring change walk the streets wit a passion and preach his name we aint ashamed son we going all out bringing life to the streets preaching Christ in ya house.

Verse 3.

Now I’m on the front line got the sword in my hands hit the streets with the truth spread the the gospel with my mans. Hit the stage hit the tracks Revelation 13 ready for combat
Holla back this more than a neck snap this for God almighty I don’t need to lean back.
I’m coming straight out the hood that’s no question do you want Christ in ya life that’s the question when in a session God is steady blessing lord is manafessing new era is here
Got this cross on my back salvation on my dome got Christ in my life got team
Now its on this word sick and its dying of sin hiphops not dead it’s just the sin that’s within get on your feet chuck the bottle of gin and just deny your self and let Christ
Come in.

Christ Life

Written By: DZ

Verse 1.

I thank God for life I thank God health I thank God for strength I do this off the
Strength for my people men and women we all equal I walk through the valley
Of death don’t fear evil. Cats wanna hate and spit all there nonsense well Christ coming back real soon that’s when the bomb hit till then I’m a preach the truth these cats minds is locked like cell blocks do I gotta key ill set you free I’m a soldier boy I'm on the field
For my lord thought I told you boy got that fire in my bones I’m the real McCoy got the passion of the Christ so I’m filed with joy this kid is nice its all about Jesus Christ
I don’t have a cold heart so don’t rap about ice you see my cross that’s all I floss when down here in the rut bringing life to the lost.

Chorus. You know we spit that real life and you know we live that Christ life
Gods real homeboy don’t trip homeboy every body praise him.

Verse 2.
I’m a let my light shine so you can see my work. You wont catch me in the club but ima be in the church I live my life for Christ I do this just for Christ son I’m a die for Christ carry my cross for Christ I don’t rap about sex money guns and drugs I rap about eternal
And Gods love for thugs you can bump this in ya whips six four on dubs why the truth of God comes bumping through yall subs Jesus peace this is real gotta whole team gospel
Flooding the blocks hit shorties wit the shoulder lean open ya word I’m a show you where my shoulders lean on the body Christ the lamb who saved the whole team.
And it’s for him why we blaze these tracks and stay down in these streets kicking
Gospel raps posted up on the block kicking gospel facts shutting down nonsense
Rap cats it’s a wrap you know.


Even though I walk thru the valley of death I don’t fear no kind of evil or walk wit a vest
My head is anointed my cup over flows I’m at the table with the hatters bringing life
To they souls I’m in the house of God you in the club with those who heart stay cold
That’s why they necks is froze I suppose it’s a change for that satin got him on his list its a flame for that you can burn with all ya whips all ya chips and chicks or ball out with the king eating fish and chips I’m a bless the lord at all times spit Christ in every rhyme lace it wit a hot line drop a bomb press rewind we stay on the grind taking the streets back
I hustle every day preaching Christ cause you need that holla at ya boy salvation is free black psalms 31 let you know where my faiths at.

Steppin Out

Written By: D

I know a lot cat’s think we nuts you see them church boys on ya strip posted up.
Fitted low jeans low we the same man I rep Christ rep him right its all in his plans.
My sight is blind but its by his grace I this faith so we aint shook to preach the gospel
Put it in ya face. I bump this Jesus music right to the max dog I see these kids stomping
Yards to this track dog I love to step so I always step out on faith and keep it moving
Cause I know that God is in this place shikanah glory halleluiah is the highest praise
I get excited when give him praise and see his face. Don’t get twisted spirit visit on me all the time that’s why im over hot beats dropping hot lines we gonna see a big change
In this life time because we all taking steps to a new mind bound to have a good time.

Chorus. When Christ steps in he builds up are faith and clean up are life makes
Everything right so lace up ya boots step out on this truth that through my faith in God I can step out and do all things.
When God steps in he cleans up are life builds up all are faith makes every thing right
So lace up ya boots step out on this truth that through my faith in God I can step out and do all things.

In this world the way that things go people live off what they see and what they don’t know that’s why a lot of people don’t know the hype flow and that Christ is the way
The truth the life so that brings me to this point where I gotta step right out on faith
To open eyes bring you insight we in the slums were its drug bums and no funds
A lot of brothers locked down never see they sons a lot of mothers stressed out
Cause of out comes a lot of young dudes misguided out done its gonna take a lot of faith
To change the outcome that’s why we gotta come together spread the word son each one
Teach one to spread the word son I can give it to you straight I don’t need no herb
We kicking all this nonsense right to the curb posted up on a verb.

You know we walk by faith and not by sight that’s why alot of things is right in this Christ life im not triff but im nice when it comes to mics and when it comes to his word receiving insight I know my ends right cause he got it in his hands I’m just a vessel
For the lord to carry out his plans now clap ya hands stomp ya feet yeah he loves praise
So when I step up in the booth son I just blaze and when I step up in the church son I just praise we the salt of the earth got the right flav we spit flame to them dudes who think they rhymes blaze I got faith it’s the size of a little flame it gives me strength to go out plant another flame so at the end of the day its all about his name and at the end of the day its all about faith it gives you access right there to Gods grace shout it loud in this place.


Sin Sick World

Set List

Sin Sick World
Christ Life
The set is typically about 15 minutes