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Berlin, Berlin, Germany | INDIE

Berlin, Berlin, Germany | INDIE
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.....As the head of a Moscow-based label called How2Make, DZA is very much at the center of a movement that has been rummaging around in multiple genres to create something that takes a step forward in the post-Dilla-- or even post-FlyLo-- world. This vast network of producers, some of whom are excellently documented in a recent download compilation from the Russian music blog Gimme 5 called Fly Russia, is part of a unique generation of Russians: born during the Soviet Union, they were teenagers during the turbulent 90s-- when the country buckled under the weight of capitalism ingested too quickly-- but they've become adults in 21st-century Russia, a place far more complex. Moscow, the nation's capital, is something else entirely, a shape-shifting metropolis that most of its residents will quickly describe to you as "neudobno," or "uncomfortable." And now it finally has an appropriate soundtrack.....
- Pitchfork

Fresh off the London Red Bull Music Academy Moscow-based beat elevator DZA is about to make a lot of faces fall in 2010. DZA is central to the How2make crew which ties the loose ends of bass music in Moscow, organises parties and pushes Russian talents. He is the networking type with his hands and heads in different projects at the same time.
So is the graphical identity of DZA , so is his music. Quick, dirty and raw. His 16-track beat tape Five-Finger Discount hijacks you into his kinderzimmer wherein sticker-laden efx pedals render homage to the MPC and DZA is lost behind the screen of his macbook. This tape has detailed textures and beats full of minutiae as well as the heavy bangers.
Five-Finger Discount gives you an idea what DZA is capable of. Take cover, and don't sleep!
- error-broadcast

DZA must've hacked into an old orbiting Sputnik or drifting Soviet satellite to get the sounds he uses to make his atmospheric beats. Since he set up his Myspace page only a few months ago, he's already been collaborating with Aloe Blacc, Shadow Huntaz, Om'Mas Keith of Sa-Ra Creative Partners, and fellow 2010 participant Mujuice (As Cut2Kill). Meanwhile, taking his live show to MIDEM earlier this year has brought him plenty of new fans from overseas. Finding that elusive balance between heavy beats and weightless ambience, DZA is ready to snap necks and leave a zilla-sized footprint on Red Square.
Participant of RBMA, London, 2010

Sasha Kholenko is DZA, a Russian beat-maker and producer at the forefront of the scene in Russia and quickly invading the rest of the world with his unique electronic hip-hop creations. At the beginning of 2010, Jus Like Music made contact with DZA and then met with him at the Red Bull Music Academy in London where he was a participant. DZA submitted his track, Shifty, to the Oscillations compilation released last year by Jus Like Music Records. Since then, DZA has gone on to create releases for Error Broadcast and Black Acre Records, but now he is back with his Supershark EP.
A joint release between Jus Like Music Records and Project Mooncircle, the Supershark EP, is a hectic array of electronic mayhem with synths, bleeps and heavy beats. This release stands apart from the crowd with its exceptional layering of anarchic sounds over strong, unwavering, hip-hop-influenced beats and breaks. DZA’s ability to weave electronic sounds to create atmosphere and feeling is nothing short of astounding. 16 minutes of pure inspiration that will make even the most seasoned heads look up and take note.

- A&R Gavin Handley & Gordon Gieseking.



2005 - mujuice + dzhem - 'sets' (CD, how2make records)
2007 - zobako - vladiv2000stok (MP3. how2make records)
2008 - dzhem - bublle grog (CD, how2make records)
2008 - mujuice + dzhem - (MP3, how2make records)
2009 - dza - I go the handsome twenty four year old (MP3, mondayjazz)
2010 - dza - five-finger discount (MP3, error broadcast)
2011 - dza - bullz eye feat. cut2kill and non (12" vinyl, black ackre)

2011 - dza - five finger remixes (limited white cassette, error broadcast)
2011 - dza - super shark EP (limited white vinyl, Project Mooncircle, Jus Like Music)
2011 - dza - zoo keeper EP (limited transparent vinyl, error broadcast)

2010 - dza - new year mixtape ( lookatme )
2010 - dza - london sessions ( red bull music academy radio )
2010 - dza - le hip-hop c'est mon pote ( mondayjazz )
2010 - dza - pervaya rechka (perf 10 )
2010 - dza - neon rap mix ( nutriot )
2010 - dza - eat dik and die mix ( gimme5 )

appears on:
2005 - ïîñòîðîííèì (CD, how2make)
2008 - nike - the am 90 sounds (8 x12" vinyls, nike)
2010 - pixelord - lucid freaks remixes (MP3, error broadcast)
2010 - red bull music academy - various assets london 2010 (CD, RBMA)
2010 - comfort fit - private primate (7" vinyl, error broadcast)
2010 - jus like music - compilation - ( MP3, jus like music)
2010 - fly russia - compilation ( MP3, error broadcast)
2010 - finest ego - compilation ( cassete tape, project mooncircle)
2011 - FUSE/lab - re-jumble - compilation ( MP3, FUSE/lab )



Sasha Dza is an electronic music producer from Moscow, Russia. As one of the first in Russia to begin experimenting with a new form of instrumental hip-hop, he has been perhaps the most prominent face of a genre that is swiftly carving out its own niche in the world beatmaking scene.
He is the founder of the well-know Russian musical community How2make Crew, which has organized crazy parties in the most unusual places, staged what could be the world's first successful "hip-hopera" and toured throughout Russia and Europe.
After being selected to participate in the 2010 Red Bull Music Academy in London, he signed record deals with Error Broadcast and the Bristol-based label Black Acre. A cassette-only version of his now-legendary beat tape Five-Finger Discount was released by Error Broadcast last year, and Black Acre has issued a 12" featuring Sasha, fellow Moscow musician Mujuice and L.A.-based rapper Non Genetic.
For such a short musical career, Sasha has proven himself to be extremely prolific, producing countless tracks of his own on a daily basis and doing remixes for a variety of artists -- from American and Russian underground rappers to the British heavyweight Hudson Mohawke.
Dza was also prominently featured in last year's extensive feature about the new Moscow electronic scene on the famous American music site