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Growing up I always found myself writing my thoughts and feeling down into ghetto poetry in my pre teens I figured give a try to putting those thoughts into music so what you hear is what Ive thought or felt at one point in my life anyone that had a hard knock life should relate to my stuff

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Hold me

Written By: Clepto

Im feeling lonely can you hold me
can you hold me
Im feeling lonely
yea Im feeling lonely
(end Chorus)

and still Im lost
in the world of judges
Steady trusting in nothing
hoping that god could do something
but he wont so I cope
I drink and smoke to take the pain away
dreams fade away hoping I can change the way or break away
from these chain's that Ive been trapped in so long
it seems with every step they just be holding strong
thinking about my life I've never been one for taking advice
I've opened up my eyes
and all you fools still living lies
and weather or not the plot thickens
with every tick of the clock my hearts beaten
thinking of ways to get paid *before I meet my grave"
and thinking if I was wrong
than I'm ganna make a change
but everybody's got they eyes on me
and I can see that aint nobody ganna lie for me
I dove to deep
and aint nobody ganna cry for me
with all this hate up in my veins
who can confide in me
if not myself then no one else
I gotta climb a tree
but evedently I got nothing
but thats fine with me
thats fine with me
thats fine with me

can somebody can somebody just hold me

Yea Im feeling lonely can you hold me

Im looking fear in the face
just let clepto display
how when I was growing up my love was never embraced
thats just a taste of what im living
to give you your own prespective
the cops are always on my ass like private eye dectectives
sniffing to find my trail
but evidence is always missing
hidden in a spot where aint no cop is ganna be digging
and thats my life and you could never understand
just a young mexican always kickin up sand
I did my dirt all by my lonely
cause nobody wanna help me
digging in the dirt and it hurt when I found hell see
but its too late to turn back now
I fall to the ground im hell bound hoping I can go just one more round

can somebody can somebody
just hold me

so can you hold me now

E aint going down

So can you hold me now
I aint got time for the frown
its do or die in the T U C
but E aint going down
I figure its you or me
I let a round off and the rest ganna flee
Making my rounds in the T u C
its the egga the e

hold me tight because my life has got me strangled
I wasnt put up on this earth to be a falling angel
Im breathing heavy and sweaten bullets its bullshit
im supposed to live my life to the fullest
But I be pulling
weight on my shoulders
like bull dozers
the stress has got me falling over
knowing im never ganna find my four leaf clover
so once again I say I gotta watch my back
hear my gat fade out and see black
into the mind of a maniac




Written By: Clepto

Clepto Manaic
Tucsons mother fuckin finest

We be fucking ghetto

Said I'm to ghetto for this world man
Said I'm to Ghetto for my girlfriend
yea im too Ghetto for this world man
yea yea
Now Said Im too ghetto for my god damn self
Still smokin still drinkin still aint got no health
still rappin on these streets but still aint got no wealth
But still I wont give up
cause Then I wont get felt
like a welt from a belt feel like Im dealt what I'm delt
but I just roll with the punches keep it real with myself

said im too ghetto talking about the ghetto
ooh ohh ohh
I know im loco aint gotta tell me
I was born up in the streets `
I aint aint every had nay thing
I wouldn't trade this life for the Ritz
I wouldn't even dream about it
the police wanna hit me up
but they cant see the dirty
check my rear view fill my cup
pour a little out for the homeys
I've done my time

(paid my debt bitch)

ye aim just too ghetto for this fuckin track crazy

so let me live my life
too ghetto ah ah too ghetto
(end chorus)

I know I aint got shit aint gotta tell me about it
but if you was up in these shoes
shit I fairly could doubt
that you could
walk a block without breakin a foot
shit you could talk allot without makin the hook
shit I done fought the law and got hit with the book
I aint a crook I just don't give em a look
like if I get a ticket I don't make it to court
just like my daddy shit he never gave me child support
so now this child is torn
right when this child was born
cause his mamma and his daddy left they child ina storm
how long with they morn
another child stuck like a thorn
shit I never had a baby bottle just my dog and liquor
that's why im hard to the core
hit the car for the store
hit up the liquor store so we can go and cop us some more
cause im to ghetto for you and Im too ghetto for me
and I'm too ghetto for who's shoes come step up in these
ghetto diseased desperately I make my mental release
I love you baby can you tell from the sea
that done fell from the check
from a grown man that never was weak
I love the flair in your nose
and I love the smell of your feet
I think that you and I was meant to be
but Im to ghetto
but im too ghetto
im too ghetto



Our First cd was called Straight off the streets vol.1 was popular in the tucson area we peddled it on the streets

then the second cd was my solo Cd called Drowning one of our songs called Hold me was aired locally on the radio the song Sweet dreams and crooked memories I have posted here is from Drowning

now this last cd is called Straight off the streets vol.3