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The creators of theatrical hip-hop - Eye 2 Eye offers more than just beats & rhymes. A roller-coaster ride of emotions, this band will make you laugh, cry, wish you were dead, and then have you telling your best friend you love them... all in one sitting. They ARE the next level.


WTF?! It's like Wu-Tang Clan meets the cast of Jack-Ass.
Who are these guys? You might think Eye 2 Eye belongs
on a skit from Saturday Night Live... that is, until you hear
their music. Raw, real, and shockingly powerful. Some of
their tracks would make the RZA himself jealous, while
others might have you collapsing in a piss-attack of
laughter. Offensive, witty, intelligent Hip-Hop from the
coolest white boys in Canada. Rumour has it they even
offer Wing-Man services for the bachelor who finds himself
on a dangerous solo mission. What Are You Looking At?!!!



Written By: Eye 2 Eye

Remember ’82?
When everybody had a beer
Everybody used to floss in their hand-me-down gear?
What a year – yeah it was – I feel that because
It’s like everybody living had a feel-good buzz
It was New Year’s night, I was in Manitoba
Winnipeg prairie lights I thought I told ya
Susan & Barbara – those were my girls
As the champagne popped man, we toasted the world
I was fresh out of dentist’s school – bought a brand new Datsun
And so we drove to Boston
Got tickets to that Celtics game
Larry Bird, Kevin McHale… sinister aim
And once we got back to Canada y’all,
I drove straight to Niagara – I’m a fan of the falls
Eh-yo fashion was crazy-ill in ‘82
Used to love how my retro ladies do
Even tailor-made suits looked grubby
Forget a long-neck, Sixth man, pass me a stubby
I used to mess with a Rubix Cube and
Eddie Murphy was the coolest dude and
Thank God for the music too
Joan Jett, Hall & Oates, and Olivia Newton
But how can I sum it up, man let’s see…
All hail to The Great One – Wayne Gretzky

Chorus (2x)
All my fellas, and my ladies too
Pay attention to the way we do
We’re Eye 2 Eye and we came for you
We’re gonna party like it’s 1982

Yo I’mma dance with the past cause I got fans in the stands
Who like to wear tight pants on their ass
The class was ’82 – The Clash was playing too
Everybody had a ‘stache – yeah man the ladies too
Big-beaver-bush orgies before AIDS blew
And we knew Wordperfect just before Gates grew
Commodore 64 on the floor in my crib
Drew Barrymore just before rehab… what a kid
Don Johnson & Lee Majors
Pink suits, grey blazers… looking like gay sailors
We were tough as nails is, played rough as jail is
Good fellas, Brian Bellows, we were Hartford Whalers
What language are you speaking in?
Dino Ciccarelli, Mats Naslund, Reijo Ruotsalainen, Esa Tikkanen
Brought women in like Al Pacino scored
Looking stupid like the helmet Mike Foligna wore
Had game like Jack Tripper, more strippers than slippers
Than my Michael Jackson jacket had zippers
So from Cheers to Night Court, Family Ties to Cosby’s
’82 meant stubbies and hotties
Now I know in ’82 most of you weren’t alive
Hell in ’82 I was only 5
But the date’s not important here, just pour a beer
And reminisce on any time, go ahead endorse a year!


The Eye - EP - 2003
Holiday Fever - Mix CD - 2003
Facts Of War - LP - 2004
Legendary Gatherings - LP - 2005
HELP! - single - www.myspace.com/eye2eyeprodcutions
Can't Hide It - single - ICM feat. Raekwon from Wu Tang Clan - 2007

Performance Credits:
Vans Warped Tour 2005, 2007, 2008
Opening Act for:
CL Smooth
Planet Asia
Sean Price
Boot Camp

Set List

Eye 2 Eye performs an ecclectic set of about 25-30 minutes. They usually perform chopped-up portions of songs that are mixed into hig-intensity medleys. They also incorporate dialogue, comedy, sets, sound effects, and props into their shows. Typical covers include classic hip-hop songs from House of Pain, Wu Tang Clan, or Redman.