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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Pop EDM


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Oh shit, son. E-603 just released a masterpiece of a mash-up album, and it's the best thing to hit the scene since Girl Talk. A good mash-up album should be something exciting for a music fan to listen to, as you should keep hearing things you know. It's like "Where's Waldo" for your ears, really. And E-603's new album, Something For Everyone, stays true to its title. He throws in so many samples into such a short amount of time, you can't help but be amazed. There are so many songs that I recognize -- let alone songs that I dearly love -- that it's a blast to bump through the album. The transitions are seamless, as he rolls through an outrageous amount of samples, sometimes only sampling something for literally a second. But it works. And that is why this is exquisite work. As far as his sampling choices, the record is incredibly rock friendly, featuring a vast array of samples from both the mainstream and the indie world. I mean, it's a blast to listen to contemporary rap tunes blended flawlessly with Spoon, Wilco, Sigur Ros, The Strokes, Tokyo Police Club, Vampire Weekend, The Flaming Lips, Beck, Coldplay, and countless others. I mean, come on, that Vampire Weekend album came out two weeks ago. Respect. - Under the Rotunda

The denizens of master masher E-603's "Crunk Colony" are people like Clipse, Postal Service, Crime Mob, Wolf Parade, and the Strokes. - New York Magazine-entertainment blog

Clipse x Wolf Parade x The Postal Service X Crime Mob X … = Something For Everyone. This isn’t the same old mashup scene. E-603 is someone you should know about. - Burnt Piano

E-603 just dropped the dopest mash-up album since Night Ripper. I'm not kidding. Have you EVER heard Destiny's Child, The Postal Service, Lil' Kim, and Vampire weekend in one eight measure breakdown? I don't think so! 50 Cent and Papa Roach?! Spank Rock, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Nas?! Oh my god, it just gets more and more intricate! Sensory OVERLOAD! Holy FUCK. - Under 21 in Boston


E-603 EP (Self titled 2007)
Something for Everyone LP (2008)
Torn Up LP (2009) self-released

Radio and streaming
"Lights Out" - Torn Up
"If You Wanna" Torn Up
"Dirtbag Baby" Torn Up
"Push 'Em Up" Torn Up
"Hey Shorty" Torn Up
"Shake Your Rump" Torn Up
"Keep It Cool" Torn Up

"Jockin' On Ya" - Something for Everyone
"Money and Girls" - Something for Everyone
"Forever Gold" - Something for Everyone
"Sugar, You're a Hater" - Something for Everyone
"Crunk Colony" - Something for Everyone
"Dry and Fresh" - Something for Everyone



E-603 has been making Electronic music for about 4 years. After releasing his latest mash-up album he started playing a show a week, traveling to colleges, clubs and rock venues. He has played shows with a variety of groups from"Yo La Tengo" to "The Cool Kids". E-603 was even on tour with Passion Pit. The goal he hopes to accomplish is create music that everyone can enjoy whether you want to dance or you want to sit back and listen.

His second LP release caught the attention of many labels and studios including Pete Wentz's Decaydance records who he collaborated with.

E-603's third LP will be released early April 2011. It has already generated buzz and will be his largest release to date.

What drives E-603 the idea of combining songs from all different genres and styles to make references that appeal to everyone. Sampling mainstream to underground independent music E-603 will sample anything he can make sound good.

"I had never heard of E-603 before, but once I heard his live set and what he was doing everyone went nuts." Graham Valley, University of Michigan