EA Wave

EA Wave

 Nairobi, Nairobi Area, KEN

EA Wave is a young and multi-talented DJ Producer collective from Nairobi who also perform as unique and vibrant Live Electronic Act combining Electronic Midi instruments with vocals, keyboards and Bass. The 6 members are Jinku, Nu Fvnk, Ukweli, Mvroe, Sichangi and Hiribae. They also perform as DJ's and as individual artists.


EA Wave

EA Wave (East African Wave) is a collective of 6 DJ Producers from Nairobi. Cutting across genres with unique and individual styles, each of them making their own waves in the industry. They DJ and produce as a collective, as individuals and everything in between. Their combined energies and creativity are helping fuel a new creative sector wide movement in urban Nairobi.

As a collective they perform as a unique and vibrant Live Electronic act combining electronic midi instruments with keyboards, vocals, and bass. This new format is influenced by the likes of Bonobo and Four Tet. A sample of which can be seen here.

With an average age of 22yrs, their cross pollination of styles and collaborative cut across many genres, is making them a popular choice in the region with vocalists for production collaborations and among wider producer circles as remixers.

Their #WaveyWednesday initiative has seen the collective release one of more tracks every Wednesday for the last year.

Their first major breakthrough came when they were asked to produce the Indigo EP by US based Kenyan artist Karun, who in turn introduced them to Ghanaian songstress Jojo Abot. This led them to partner with Jojo on the Africa Na Ladi project, each of the collective adding something to the production of 'Mega Kpenu Nao'. 

The collective are:

Referring to himself as a space monkey, he's a self professed sponge of musical influences. Earlier this year he was named by FADER Magazine as one of the top 25 Global acts to watch out for. His productions are Tribal Downtempo & Psychedelic African Dance Music.

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Nu Fvnk

A rapper turned producer, who now includes vocals in his DJ sets and productions. Fond of collaborations, his productions have a quirky grittiness. Nu Fvnk’s collaboration ‘Wanted’, featuring Ukweli and Mclaire was featured on the Nest, Skrillex’s sister label under OWLSA.

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His productions are based on a collage of varying elements: African percussion, R&B influences, hip-hop, indie rock, and more. In 2016 Ukweli produced a track for JABS (MSFTSREP) featuring Willow Smith.

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With a musical journey which started as a trumpet player, he's often referred to as the most soulful member of the collective. His productions have layers of airy synthesizers and smooth trumpet lines.

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Mvroe has an eclectic genre-less approach to creation. A prolific songwriter, vocalist and producer, Mvroe has released several tracks in 2017

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Sichangi is the newest member of the collective. Bringing some extra juice with his guitar skills to the live set. In 2016 Sichangi produced 'Fools' with Tyler Cole, Jabs and Willow Smith.

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Our discography as a collective is already too large for the character limit on this page - so here are some highlights, significant because others have mentioned them in the press or projects which have been landmarks for us.

Feel free to dig into our soundclouds (links in the Bio - both of the collective and individuals) to hear what we've been up to. 

JOJO ABOT + EA WAVE - Mega Kpenu Nao
Amadeyo EP – Sofa Lounge Records – 9/11/2015
Karun – Indigo EP – East African Wave Sound Collective
Bantu Clan - Africa Ni Leo Ft DJ Rachael (Jinku Remix ft Mvroe, Anya)