John Gray's Existential Audio

John Gray's Existential Audio


John Gray's Existential Audio is a funky, jazz fusion blend of Old School Funk, Neo-Soul, and Jazz. We take these genres and create a hybrid sound that could work in jazz clubs, dance halls, and festival settings. We take the Existence Philosophy to a music experience!!!


John Gray's Existential Audio brings together seasoned musicians who have been in the performance arena for a cool minute! They create soulful originals, and put a soulful and funky twists on songs of yesterday and today. The band is relitivaly new only performing together as Existential Audio for a few months, but they have know each other for years! Many of the members have traveled the world and worked with established independent artists.....Now they come together to form their own thang! Definitely work lending your ear to!!!


John Gray presents..."Any Given Thursday"
LIVE @ The M Bar

Set List

James Brown
Roy Hargroove
Mint Condition
Stevie Wonder
Jazz and Funk Standards