EA is a catchy combination of heavy southern rock and metal. With a fan base growing since 2005, EA managed to pack 845 people in Big Bucks in 2008 at the SCENE Music Festival. With a set full of heavy breaks downs, catchy 2-steps and memorable gang vocals, EA is considered a "must see" at any event


EA started back in 2005 when friends decided to start writing music together in hopes of playing small shows and house parties. Much like most bands that start off, the music EA was creating was subpar, and therefore it was difficult to find shows that the band could open.

After catching a lucky break through a friend's band that was on a show, EA found themselves opening up a show and surprisingly got a positive response from the crowd. From that point, the band loved performing live and strived to write much better music that more people could appreciate.

As time went on, EA added a second guitar player to have a more full sound, and this was the best choice the band had made. The newest addition had a big part in the writing process of the songs that later put EA on the map in the Niagara music scene, such as The Sleepless, The Silence and The Panic.

In 2008, EA announced that their set at SCENE Music Festival that year would be their last show due to various reasons. EA managed to pack 845 people into Big Bucks that year, some of which were required to watch from the doorway. It was undoubtedly one of the best sets of SCENE 2008, and one of the best sets EA has ever played.

While on hiatus, the band got together from time to time to play local shows just to have some fun. Each show that EA was playing had a great turnout, and the loyal EA fans continued to come and support the band and the music scene.

It was decided in the summer of 2010, the band should get back together and start playing shows again. Since getting back together, the band is writing the best music to date and are stronger than ever. Fans can expect high stage energy, more punishing breakdowns, and the same memorable gang vocals that they were left with in 2008.

Current Members:
Clark - Drums (2005 - present)
Travis - Guitar (2010 - present) Bass (2005 - 2010)
Brad - Vocals (2005 - present)
Chris - Guitar (2006 - present)
Dan - Bass (2010 - present)