Edgar Allen Floe

Edgar Allen Floe

 Sylva, North Carolina, USA
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Edgar Allen Floe is one of the inspiring hip hop artists from NC. With intense lyrics, along with a voice that demands attention, Floe has built a loyal fanbase with his crew, The Justus League. Opened for such high profile artists as KRS-ONE, Black Moon, Guru (Gangstarr), Tha Alkaholiks and more.


Justus League member Edgar Allen Floe releases the long awaited album "The Streetwise LP". The album is the second release from Floe's own imprint, MCEO Records, LLC. Floe started rhyming at age 14, initially wanting to be a DJ. Growing up, Floe would freestyle and recite LL Cool J rhymes in school for Show and Tell. His mother let him listen to LL Cool J's "Radio" album, and from then on, Floe has loved the art of the rhyme to the fullest. At a young age of 6 years old, Floe lived in Atlantic City, NJ, where he would break dance and perform at annual festivals in the area.

Floe began writing rhymes at age 14, and eventually would be involved in freestyle sessions at lunch time in high school. He met his partner in rhyme, Mal Demolish, in 1994, and they eventually formed the group The Undefined in 1996.

Upon attending North Carolina State University, Floe met 9th Wonder in 1997 at the school's gymnasium while playing basketball. They naturally bonded through similar tastes in music. In 1999, Floe also linked up with other artists such as Median and Cesar Comanche, and eventually The Justus League was formed in that same year.

The first track ever recorded by Floe and 9th Wonder was "The Righteous Way To Go" in July 2001. This track continues to be one of the most enjoyable tracks in the Justus League catalog, introducing the world to the 9th Wonder sound.

The Justus League built their following from the ground up, performing at local clubs in the Triangle area (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC). In 2003, the crew started to gain popularity with the release on their "NC State of Mind Mixtape" (with the assistance of online sites such as hiphopsite.com), as well as the release of "The Listening" album from underground sensation, Little Brother.

Floe has been featured in magazines such as The Source and XXL Magazine, as well as online sites hiphogame.com, ballerstatus.com, allhiphop.com, and featured in the "Next 1000" by Urb Magazine.

Floe continued to stay on the grind and released his first EP, "True Links" in 2005. Tracks such as "Faith In Love" (produced by 9th Wonder) and "Timelife" were highlights from the project and helped him gain critical acclaim.

In 2006, Floe linked up with independent label, Shaman Work Recordings, and released his second disc, "Floe Almighty". This mixtape styled release displayed Floe as an emcee as well as a producer (under the alias Slicemysta), further building his reputation as a top notch, next level artist. Tracks like "The Torch" and "Skyward" are considered the top rated jewels from the "Floe Almighty" project.

In 2007, after leaving Shaman Work Recordings, Floe decided to move forward by establishing his own label, MCEO Records, LLC. In hopes to maintain his buzz, Floe re-released his last CD, calling it "Floe Almighty: The Remixture". This release was full of exclusive remixes and bonus tracks of the original "Floe Almighty" project. "Floe Almighty: The Remixture" was praised by the critics, with a 4 out of 5 stellar review on hiphopsite.com.

In 2008, Floe releases his official debut album, "The Streetwise LP". The album features guest appearances from fellow Justus League members Median (Halftooth Records), L.E.G.A.C.Y. and Sean Boog of The Away Team (Hall of Justus). Producers include 9th Wonder who produced 3 tracks (including the noteworthy "Shine"), Khrysis (producing "Exposure", a track which gives an interesting breakdown of the undercover hate surrounding North Carolina's local rap scene), and Blunt (producing the closing track "Won't Change", which delivers a vivid image of Floe's struggles during his childhood).

Floe has also released a free mixtape, called "The Road to Streetwise", before "The Streetwise LP" was released. The mixtape features production from 9th Wonder, Khrysis, and Blunt.


True Links (EP), Floe Almighty, Floe Almighty: The Remixture, The Road To Streetwise, The Streetwise LP. The first single from The Streetwise LP, "Shine" and "Nametag Streetwise", is receiving college radio airplay.

Set List

The Torch, Skyward, State of The Art, Streetwise, Nametag Streetwise, The Righteous Way To Go, Caroline (currently unreleased), Don't Stop (currently unreleased). My set typically ranges from 30 minutes to an hour, but can be adjusted (longer or shorter), if need be.