Eager Dance

Eager Dance

 Sherbrooke, Quebec, CAN

- Part of the upcoming artist Top 10 of 2015 according to Mtl Blog
-1rst place Sherbroocklyn contest 2015
-Bourse à la relêve CALQ (conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec)


EAGER DANCE managed to outstand and amaze a wide array of listeners with its refreshing new sound, accompanied with convincing energetic concert performances. When paying attention to the band’s surroundings and endeavours, it is obvious that they come up as a skilful artistic collective. Eager Dance is the common point for talents coming from a myriad of artistic backgrounds. The production team is composed with people coming from the field of comedy acting, cinema, photography, visual and graphic arts and fashion design. Each branch of the formation becomes an opportunity and a viable exposure platform for the young artist to blossom, and every artist in the organization benefits from this melting pot of various talents. Eager Dance’s team is formed of seven Sherbrooke native musicians aged from 18 to 24 years old. Throughout the years, the two founding members, Raphaël Favreau and Dominique G.-Lemire, have been able to progressively craft a network of musicians and artists. All the actual members of the group have a profound interest for writing and composition. Thanks to the plethora of various influences and inspirations, the band benefits a hybrid and accessible sound. It is difficult to pinpoint and associate the band’s sound to a specific genre. Often associated with bands like Arcade Fire or Alt+J from their most recent efforts, a progressive rock or art rock sound from bands like Pink Floyd and Yes is noticeable. The band is not looking to belong to a specific type of music but rather develop a natural evolution of sound coming from diversified muses. Moreover, it is interesting to note that all members are multi-instrumentalists. In concert, the crowd is always astonished to see musicians swap from an instrument to another. Musicians can easily trade their guitars for a mandolin, saxophone, transverse flute, accordion, piano, synth, and diverse percussions.


- September 2015 Keep Your Daily Job 
Mastering: Ryan Morey 
Mix soundtake : Replix Studio

Set List

- 1939
- Ultimatum
- Work song 
- Rainbow Man
- Renatha Sting
- Slingshot Blues
- Keep Your Daily Job 
- Feel good inc (gorillaz cover)

Encore - Surreal