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Eagle hails the rebirth of Hip Hop providing 'truth music' delivering rap food for thought creating vivid imagery in his story teller, tell-it-as-it-is style. Not confided to the stereotypes of a everyday rapper.

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Written By: Ainslee Connage

My rhymes is like the impact of a slug from a gun, the wise words of a father to his son, the gift of speech to the dumb the feeling of the 1st book of an author, desert land brook bringing forth fresh water or making in a come back in the 4th quarter a precious jewel found by a poorer, a wedding dress to a widow, the silent cries of the ghetto, the thunder claps of heavy metal, the 1st cries of a babe redemption songs of a slave the feeling of hard earned money made. The sounds of banging on cell walls, those priceless home call the feeling of freedom when they open them doors. I’m like the calm of the eye of the storm the fallen tears of our slaughtered unborn, the answers to a nations that’s torn I radiate the airways like a nuclear bomb, insightful like the words of the psalms the touch of the heaven more potent than earths most deadliest weapons y’all get the picture now…

yo my rhymes like (Golden) hey yo my mind like (Golden)
you see my time like (Golden) I stay focused y’all
Because my mind like (Golden) and my rhymes like (Golden, Golden man)

While most talk and say stuff that’s irrelevant my speech is packed with the power of a stampede of elephants but always a gentleman see I’m a boss dude and y’all middle men actin’ like bickering children your mind ain’t open many are called but few are chosen I speak the words of the unspoken I’m like the voice of the unheard the feeling of Justice now being served every man finally knowing his worth, sinners at the gate of the church the harsh and final reality of the Hurst, the lifting of a curse, water quenching thirst I’m the greatest that every did my verse is wild my lines prolific I’m hard to mimic in my presence y’all ghost like spirit. Nigga’s didn’t get it, I was born to set it off, like the thugs letting off eagle ain’t nothing soft , so call me the answer, powerful convicting words just like a pastor and this is just the begin of my chapter so that a walk with me


Eagle’s the best new thing in rap, you think big or pac was back, and the style of my writing pen have y’all admiring the images I give the words that I use the beautiful fusion of samples of rhythm and blues and the hoods with me coz you know I’m writing for you , my mama didn’t rise no fool I swallowed them jewels I ain’t rapping to lose but born to conquer when life push you push back harder, if you die let it be with honor taking that trip over yonder. In this game eagle’s a wonder, striking like lighting, heard like thunder in the streets they’re like yo son this is your summer I feel your hunger your time , destiny calling your number so don’t compare me to your average rapper coz eagle’s much more than the glitz and glamour , tims and throwbacks or just that chitter chatter (chitter chatter)


Black People
Audio Visual EP