Eagle and Talon

Eagle and Talon


LA-based indie/art girl band with encrypted tunings, furious drumming and a little casio. If you like sleater-kinney, gang of four, deerhoof, black sabbath and modest mouse these girls will break your legs.


Eagle and Talon have been confusing people since their formation in mid-2003. Described as the founders of "leotard rock," Eagle and Talon splice angular guitars and intricate rhythms with scraps of musical theater, forging a sound that makes you wonder whether you're being pet by a kitten or mauled by a lynx.

Kim Talon (guitar/words) started composing music to help temper the arctic conditions of her hometown, Winnipeg, Manitoba. At 18, she moved to New York City in search of warmer climates and a possible career in tap dancing. Meanwhile, Alice Talon (drums/casio) was busy abandoning a career in classical piano to search for her ancestors. When school let out, she left Cleveland for Taiwan, where she spent her afternoons drumming in the damp basements of Taipei.

In 2004, the duo made their debut at a converted bowling alley in Los Angeles, inaugurating a string of performances in LA and New York City. With a battalion of guitars, encrypted tunings, furious drums and dueling casios, Eagle and Talon shows have evolved into raw and unpredictable affairs. Songs ruminate on anything that moves, from frostbite to skeletons to religion. Kim Talon asks: "Microphone? Are you the reincarnate of Jesus in my hand?" Pointed social commentaries are sewn into verses like: "They hide the bird feed/They hide the bird that breaks/We keep our windows closed/We leave the vacuum on."

The duo independently released their debut EP Eagle and Talon Cares, which is receiving airplay at college radio stations throughout the US and Canada. Eagle and Talon recently returned from their first national tour with Sia, playing such historic venues as the Troubadour, Bimbo’s and the Bowery Ballroom. Fall 2006 will see the release of their first full-length album Kidnapped in the Yukon.


Eagle and Talon Cares EP (self-released, 2005)

Receiving airplay at the following stations: WFMU, Indie 103.1, KXLU, WMEB, KALX, WPRB, KSPC, KFSR, KFJC, WMCN, KLCR, KSUA, KUGS, KWRS, WRBC, WRSU, KDVS, WKNC, WLUW, CFBN, CJSF, CIUT, CBC Radio 3.

Set List

Sets are comprised of all original music & can range from 30 to 90 minutes.