eagleowl ar a lo-fi post-folk ensemble from Edinburgh. eagleowl believe in doing things right, rather than doing things fast.


With the stealth of their avian namesake, eagleowl have been gathering fans since forming in 2005. Key players in Edinburgh's underground music scene, a gig by these multi-instrumentalists may or may not include a guitar, violin, double bass, melodica, mandolin, glockenspiel and ukulele. At once both introspective and uplifting, their music earned them a place in The List magazine's ‘Your New Favourite Bands' in September 2006. This three-piece's offbeat sensibilities make them perhaps the only band who can lay claim to organising a semi-regular music festival in a sandwich shop. eagleowl, like their namesake, are turning heads. - Ross


Musique Cinematique CD-R :
A selection of four black and white avant-garde films with specially composed soundtracks. This was recorded during the one-off live performance at The Edinburgh College of Art as part of the Edinburgh Annuale.

Fife Kills Sampler - Christmas:
A collection of songs from the artists of Edinburgh collective label, Fife Kills

Set List

We generally have sets of half an hour but can do up to one hour.
A typical half hour set would be :
1- Not Your Lucky Day
2- Know By Now
3- Into The Fold
4- Blackout
5- Morpheus
6- Buy My Hands

We change our set regularly to suit each gig, depending on where it is, who we are playing with and how much time we have.