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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Eagle Scout Self-Promo Spotlight"

"Eagle Scout make some rough-around-the-edges indie that leans closer to leather jacket punk than wool sweater indie. Kyle Collman and Robert Varner are even credited as providing the "shouts" for the music. But fear not, songs like the sing-a-long worthy "US Americans" and tambourine/synth led "Decatur" won't hurt your young, virgin ears. These guys throw a lot into their songs, and yeah it lacks fancy production, but that just allows us to feel the realness - ya dig? Their newest release, Pandamonium, is definitely a record you'll want to check out in full for yourself."<p>
-Blake Solomon, absolutepunk.net - Blake Solomon (absolutepunk.net)

"Eagle Scout Pandamonium! Review"

"I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri right around the collapse of the music scene there. Most good band either broke up or made it out and then broke up (The Get Up Kids, The Anniversary, Shiner, The Casket Lottery). Those were really good times for me, and it almost brings a tear to my eye when I think about all of the fun times I had with my friends driving around singing as loud as we could with the windows down (or up with the heat blasting, depending on the season). Eagle Scout has given me a reason to do that once more with their EP ‘Pandamonium’. Welcome to the re-birth of the good old’ days where music’s purpose is to make you feel alive again, to make you want to go to shows (Remember shows? Not live videos from Youtube or Myspace), actual shows. Eagle Scout takes the best of 90’s emo bands (ex. Texas Is The Reason, Braid, The Promise Ring) and blends it with their own style of music consisting of spastic guitars, choruses of singing and shouting, and drums that stitch the whole thing together. Release on Cavity Records in 2008 ‘Pandamonium’ is like springtime in a box, or better yet, a CD!"<p>
- Chris, radarmusicreview.com<

- Chris (radarmusicreview.com)

"Pandamonium! Get it?"

EAGLE SCOUT, Pandamonium! (Cavity). "Get it? PANDAmonium? OK, well I like it, and I dig the music on the bands new digital EP even more than the cheeky joke hammered home by the cover art. If you like Minus the Bear's brand of jangly, mathy rock and wouldn't mind it mixed with a bit of Arcade Fire's passion and Against Me!'s punk bravado, then chances are you'll be all over this. Oh, and you might dance. There are slinky synth lines galore, driving guitar rock that, while not classicaly heavy, still can sock you in the jaw, and catchy, on-the-verge-of emotionaly-crackling vocals that were made for recitation. Idealy, you'll rock this thing in the kitchen so that you can glide on the linoleum and occasionaly jab the fridge along with indie-minded Windmills, clap-and-stomp rocker Kites, testy and agitated U.S. Americans, and energy-juicing closer There's Nothing Scientific About the Sun, which blows the party to shreds with the lyric "When the sun explodes, our planet dies". That should make me sad, but I'm too busy being happy." <p>
-Brian Krasman, McKeesport Daily News (??? 1 / 2 out of 4 stars) - McKeesport Daily News


-Pandamonium! EP (May 2008)-Cavity Records
-New Hands (Fall 2009)-Cavity Records



Eagle Scout formed in the fall of 2006 at Greenville College in Illinois, under the name Cool Your Jets. After some line-up changes in 2008 they reformed as Eagle Scout. They have recently done work with Cavity Records and recording lord Matt Goldman. Similar artists: Minus the Bear, The Get Up Kids, Bloc Party, Foals, Tokyo Police Club