Eagles of Death Metal

Eagles of Death Metal


After the first Eagles of Death Metal album was crowned "the greatest boogie record of all time" by rockers worldwide, no one knew just how the hell they could top it. The Dream Boys always bring da neck-lickin', booty-scootin', soul-scratchin', ass-shakin' party tunes that never disappoint.


The Dream Boys dynamic duo is back! Jesse the Devil Hughes has returned from a religious dance monostary as a master. After hearing his falsetto unforgetto & seeing that boy slang guitar, the Funk Monks gave him a new name, BOOTS ELECTRIC! It illuminates power & gives pleasure to all who gaze upon his Moustache of Mystery. & matching stride for sexy stride w/ Boots Electric is the groove pocket Cyborg, Baby Duck (formerly Carlo Von Sexron, AKA Joshua Homme). Your ears will orgasm w/ every glorious groove that baby duck pounds into your BoomBox. His drumsticks are like sexual Dyn-O-mite & they came to make a Bang! The Dream Boys have reached a verdict & delivered a sentence to all who try & Judge this thing called Rock n Roll, imprison its hook filled fun & limit its sweet, sweet touch to solitary confinement
& that sentence is DEATH BY SEXY!!!!!!


Albums: Peace Love Death Metal, Death By Sexy

Single: "I Want You So Hard (Bad Boy's News)"