Eagle to Squirrel

Eagle to Squirrel

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From the beginnings of a unique jazz band and a mad freeform poet beget an awe-inspiring experience that is part Jazz, part Hip Hop, part Poetry, part Electronica. This newly formed paradigm will leave a lye-like scar in your mind that may never go away. With lots of reverb. Lots and lots of reverb


In 1998 in a small little house in Clifton two persons from opposite sides of the world meet and undertake the most passive passage known to mankind: The Bong ‘n’ Couch Years. Since then, the convergence of paths have waxed and waned, sometimes together, and sometimes apart. But they have never lost sight of the thing that they had in common: the Basement. And performance. They have hit keys, strummed strings and even yapped on mics together. Now as time has passed, J (now focusing much of his time on production) and Nick (who has just released a chapbook titled Rockets on Bibles) have begun a new project that has merged slick and gregarious electric grooves with the soul power of freeform flows


CD forthcoming.
tracks can be found on eagletosquirrel.com

Set List

Intro, America, Tour, Sound of a Nation, Axis Bold is Love, Crash, Bebop 2.0, Battle of the Beanfield, Eagle's Theme, Sleeeepppyyy, 1985 - End Set
40-45 min Set