Eagle to Squirrel Variety Hour

Eagle to Squirrel Variety Hour

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Eagle to Squirrel Variety Hour blend electronica, jazz, hip-hop, spoken word, and performance art and have drawn comparisons to Danger Mouse, Beck, T.S. Eliot, and Wayne Shorter. Nominated in 2008 CEA for Best Electronic/Experimental and noted among the best local recordings of 2009 by CityBeat


Eagle to Squirrel Variety Hour (E2S) is the result of years of artistic fission and fusion. Blending electronica, jazz, hip-hop, spoken word, and performance art, E2S integrates whatever they feel into whatever evolves. Shows are a little bit political and a little bit funny; nothing is sacred and no genre is off the table for E2S. Performances at Fringe Festival 08-09, MidPoint Music Festival 08-09, TMoA: Taft with a Twist, and PNC MidPoint's Indie Summer have drawn comparisons to Danger Mouse, Beck, T.S. Eliot, Wayne Shorter, and Patti Smith. E2S was nominated for a 2008 CEA for Best Electronic/Experimental

Boom Boom:
Boom Boom in the carbon-based form is really more of a state of mind than a figure that possesses qualities that could be determinedÂ…human. Waiting for the moment when the Robots show up and the commencement of the ultimate battle between good and evil, Boom Boom bides his time in the fringe of society known as Eagle to Squirrel. Sleeping in his washing machine as to feel closer to the enemy, the influences on this metaphysical presence are legion: Jackie Wilson, Jack Kerouac, Chuck Berry, Charles Bukowski, and the immortal James Brown, etc. Bordering on the compulsive, when it is late at night and no one is around, if you listen closely you can hear the call of the Boom Boom.

Keys is the second nephew of Steve Jobs' little brother, Billy Jobs. In high school, he failed wood shop but managed to eke out a C+ in metal shop. His band teacher gave him a B. After making a mild killing in 1999 trading in the emerging vintage drum machine market, he sold out and went into digital recording. To all appearances, he has not looked back once. Then he unknowingly joined Eagle to Squirrel. He now lives for his great Danes, which he breeds and shows on a regular basis.

JamBot & HotPocket: (the Eagle to Squirrel Dancers)
Not only are the E2S Dancers the purported illegitimate fraternal twins born to two members of a famous Russian ballet company and former Tilt-A-Whirl operators at Coney Island, they also previously worked the "Let's Get Straight" kiosk at the Mall of the Americas before quitting to embark on a pan-continental road trip. It was in Deerfield, Michigan that Boom Boom and Keys happened upon them, a huddled mass of fringe and sequins, selling $5 mix tapes out of the back of a broken down Caprice Classic. Before they reached the train station in Findlay, Ohio, a pact was signed and the artistes formerly known as Monette and Bianca were transformed into the Eagle to Squirrel Dancers JamBot and HotPocket.

Typhoid Bennie:
Born to a seventh generation white supremacist male prostitute and a black Nobel Prize winning botanist, T.B. is famous for giving away the ending to Citizen Kane. Rosebud. Thinks Panic at the Disco should have kept the "!" in their name. Loves porn but porn hates him. And, oh yeah, he's an emcee

The Eagle to Squirrel Variety Hour is movement. It is a call sign, a proclamation.

It is the end of a statement. EtSVH is the relationship between various elements.... with swords


LP- Werk

Songs from Werk can be heard streaming from time to time online @ WVQC - Radio Free Queen City

Set List

Set Length: 45-60 mins