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"A report of music band concert of Tribe , Tragedy, superior than epic"

Dressed in maroon , similar to sailor costumes , but is decorated with traditional stripes rather than
navy ones. It `s red not white. Colorful cloth is coming out of some vats, lighting administrator has
done beautiful lighting effects from different angles of scene . There is Dotar lied above the stage to
decorate Tribe concert. Tonight it `s supposed to read as commemoration of Ferdosi is here , so the
spokesman stops in the scene and reads some stanzas of Shahnameh , then describes Ferdosi poems.
For instance, we are still proud of past or Ferdosi built the foundation of Persian literature and suffered
then introduced members of the band individually .The band consists of ten musicians and the
composer is interested in local orchestration . Ali Tavakoli plays Rabab, Bagher Zeynali: Barbat, Sadegh
Cheraghi : composer, reed and Balaban. Morteza Shams : Balaban and reed. Hosein Ghasemzadeh ,
Sina Khoshk Bijari, Homa Roohafza, Jalal Poorsaeed : drum instruments. Behrang Baghayi : Dotar, Bam
tar and Alireza Ghorbani is vocalist.
The Hall is pretty full and some boxes have spectators too. Alireza Ghorbani has come Tribe album out
previously from Soil-made with the help of Roodaki community sponsorship and it is apparently
announced that most of the pieces in this concert belong to this album.
These days Ghorbani is recording the ending parts of the album ( Under the Sun ) for the purpose of
Molana `s work. In this show , it `s supposed to perform some pieces in Shoor, Shooshtari and Dashti
along with epics of Iran territory and Love fragrance lyrics. Concert is commenced by first piece of
percussion . before musicians hand their instruments , unanimously put their headphones . They play
the role of music monitoring and help them exactly how to play. Number and volume of notes in
wooden- wind instruments show that these instruments can company the audience and plays an
important role.
Ferdosi fans follow epics rather than tragedy and prove whatever related to language, literature ,
history and Iranian culture which is a space between narration and song in music but different to set
distinction. On one hand Sadegh Cheraghi who `s the main composer is undoubtedly familiar with
Ferdosi poems , people `s taste and needs and on the other hand , he wanted to use a new method to
perform them. He adds that some instruments such as Naghareh, Kasooreh and Dohol alter the tone
more to epic form. In Tribe concert , Balaban and reed which are played by three musicians are in
charge of tragic space and percussion instruments have changed them to epic.
Second piece is started by Balaban , kind of instrument which reminds past time to the audience such
as Doodook and other similar instruments. It `s natural to mix Balaban and reed to make it live . To
choose Balaban is one of the new works of Cheraghi. To choose a musical instrument which is
considered in orchestra and is a forgotten musical instrument. Ghorbani believes that arrangement of
pieces in Tribe concert was too demanding. He had used abolished musical instruments such as
Balaban and Doneli which was very difficult to set music harmony with.
Cheraghi has tried to open new windows in composition and isn `t trapped by gradual growth of
Iranian music. He adds more musical instruments after Duet by Balaban and reed such as 40, 50 in
Western music and mentioned old songs as good album pieces.
Ghorbani isn `t exception. He has experienced traditional and national music during these years and
held a concert with Iranian music. There is a new way now to choose Independent Tribe band and tries
to highlight local and ethnic theme , may be Tribe is a good choice and name for such tastes.
Some Kurdish themes are obviously heard among pieces and composer intends to tell and show local
melodies to audience even the audiences are looking for a bass voice of vocalist and then reads an epic
tone of Ferdosi , but Cheraghi doesn `t follow this process, even has been careful to choose the poems.
He has selected them because they are really close to tragedy then get along better with that music . it
apparently shows that long before Ghorbani allocated independently on Ferdosi, nobody but Tajvidi has
Now Roodaki Hall ordered and performed to welcome these music fans listening to Shahnameh
melodiously . He states Iran epic poet commemoration was done as guidance ministry request : they
announced for holding a concert for the sake of this poet in Vahdat Hall some days before
commemoration we could start rehearsal and performance just during 4 and 5 days. We admittedly say
that there were weak points in performance and hastily went forward, the only reason to accept the
performance was our special respect toward our Persian poet Ferdosi and as no concert hasn `t been
performed in this regard yet, we were determined to run this program.
National prejudice among Tribe music band was main reason to hold the concert and work intensively
If we disagreed, it may be wouldn `t do any movement in this field of music for the sake of
magnanimous poet. Thus we , very motivated, performed and finished this project. We unfortunately
get used to doing critical tasks nearly to end he added. It `s not only related to concert but also we
haven `t followed a piece procedure in music festival, a significant task. Generally speaking, I loved the
performance. The selected poems and melodies were perfect because majority of audiences have heard
Ferdosi epics or at least read , but this performance was totally different. It means you will find some
pieces of advice as well as sonnets and as I formerly mentioned this great poet is famous for epics
more than sonnets. The sound of Ghashghayi Naghareh along with Zoorkhaneh Bell ( traditional Persian
Gymnasium ) will fulfill the epic sensation in the next piece . Zoorkhane beats on Naghareh following
by ( as ruined Iran, I should die ) can cause to fulfill the audience expectations to hear from the
beginning of the concert excitingly.
In this piece the control of taste and special style is on the hand of Cheraghi. He doesn `t let repetition
occur by sudden flash and exclusive arrangement. he has created war situations by usage of Balabans
and its harmony, short beat to Barbat, Dotar, singing melodies and fluctuation of sounds which hasn `t
forced his audiences and himself to come here for an hour, just listen to loud sound of march and then
over. He has believed in the operatic feature of Ferdosi. He knew reading these poems are full of epic
without musical instrument. So he hasn `t imprisoned himself in the atmosphere of epic because
Ferdosi has already done.
Next piece is barely commenced with the theme of music in north of Khorasan and Ghorbani has
revived Toos ( a city in Khorasan ) by the use of Khorasani music and Dotar ( played by Behrang
Baghayi ) for the audience. Cheraghi has adapted local themes and musical instruments so as someone
wants to focus only on a principle and then adds some branches. Now he has considered an area then
added more details proper to Ferdosi but hasn `t scratched the main music.
A few groups have decided to work on The Hakim of Toos literary works for some years except Rostam
and Sohrab opera which was performed several times and Louris Cheknavariyan was the composer.
Behrooz Gharibpoor was director . some parts of opera of Rostam and Esfandyar, Rostam and Sohrab
were performed in Fajr Music Festival .
Those people who are interested in Shahnameh have refreshed the atmosphere of narration instead of
new attitude toward poems or add some new meanings. Tribe Concert band is able to take a high risk
with the presence of Ghorbani , a young and active vocalist , hasn `t devoted the music and audience
to cliché . it can be a commencement for understanding Ferdosi poems profoundly and other aspects of
his poems as it occurred in literature and written in many books then there is a great space for more
researchers - Iran - 10th May 2008

"The effect of Silken Dotar on contemporary modern music"

The cassette of "from mud and soil "entered in the market of
music in the last days of 2005.I expected to see a new art work
and it met my expectation approximately. "From mud and soil"
according to harmonic and orchestration opinion and comparing
to the former works has conceptual and structural differences
.This difference is manifest in the sound of instrument and
specially in air instruments.
Collecting a group of air instruments and mixing them in a
suitable combination is not easy .Some times non-regional
instruments and non-proficiency of musical performers can
destroy the whole work and waste long term efforts of composer.
M r.Sadegh Cheraghi by "from mud and soil "proved that he was
aware of this important matter .The main goal of composer was
not to place or omit some instruments ,but he wanted to know
obsolete instruments to the others .This goal is clear not only in
air instruments but also in string instruments. For me as an
audience it is interesting to go to the past times and hear the
sound of Sorna or Dotar that I had heard from regional masters
one more time and then listen the sound of Dotar of "from mud
and soil ".It's conceptual difference is not an imitation from
former ones but it is a new model that by using new instruction
,presents an instrument's arrangement and Modelatuion
Sonarita.A professional audiences who knows the musical notes
and correct word's uttering can not ignore it .The out come
Sonority of This work is in result of efforts of group's members
who also succeeded to improve instrument's physical quality to
standard criterion . Although there is not a criterion to recognize
the quality or sound of an instrument by comparing to it .How will
be confirmed an instrument's general form ?and what is the
criterion of this confirmation or refuse except a master's opinion?
Regarding to the different problems that group dealt with them
,using obsolete instruments required boldness and we praise
composer for that. Evidently Mr. Cheraghi while saving the
nobility and Iranian spirit of this work ,has presented a new
experience by using new methods - Etemad-e-Melli Daily

"Now we make an ancient story fresh and new"

Hearing the sound of Mr. Shanbehzadeh's music performing ,the sharp sound of Neyanban produces a delicate and colorful image of a crowd of flying birds in mind. Even it's silence
among versified sentences produces a wonderful image such as a picture on seashore's sands or
a frog among a lake.
South: This is the wonderful image among his sunstroke fingers .Now suppose a slant line likes as
a bridge between western south and eastern north that takes you to the delicate sound of Haj
Qorban's Dotar playing with his Quchanian Torkish accent that invites you to song famed "The
Rain".(Baron )
This is not a preface on Iranian regional music but it is an introduction for a work of Mr. sadegh
Cheraghi –Composer of air instruments-who has composed for a serials famed "the fill
gun"(Tofang-e Sar Pour ) and a play" Sheikhe of sanan ".He is specialist in Ney performing .but
he performs (Balaban,Sorna,Donli,Labak)as well as Ney. "from mud and soil "is decorated with
the name of a great epical poet famed Ferdousi.
Alireza Qorbani:He is a young and good coming singer of a traditional group and his singing
became famous after singing for a serial famed "10th night ".a versified sentence of the poem of
"10th night "is as bellow:
(The borders between wisdom and madness are so narrow /irreligion and faith are so closed to
each other.)
His voice is suitable for both singing lyrics and musical compositions.
Poem and Music: "From Mud and Soil" has 3 sections of musical compositions: Concert , Solo
Poem narrating .We can hear a concert (group playing ) of Balaban. In some musical
compositions such as "From Soil" , “scent of affection " ,"the old wheel of fortune" , "The spring
"and solo of Dotar and Silken Dotar that after each section ,Mr. Behrouz Razavi narrates some
poems of Shanameh
(book of kings)-An epical work of Ferdousi-
"Stormy sea " ,"Wind and rain " ,"damp cloud " ,"the grief of affection" , “I am a lover "
,"Badakhshan" ,"with your coyness " ,"up and down " , “treasure of secret " ,and " dark roar " are
the names of some narrations and solo.Also "the grief of affection " is a preface on "scent of
affection "and "with your coyness " that they have presented in beating form .the used
instruments in this work are air and string and drum ones .Mr.Sadegh cheraghi ,is the composer
and performer of all air instruments that has arranged very well by using sound mixture .In string
instrument's section ,besides hearing regional instruments such as Dotar ,SilkenDotar , Tanbour
,Robab ,Geichak , we can hear another instruments as Kamanche , Barbat , Deep Tar.Using of
Zang and Tombak e Zourkhane has created an epical mood in this work .Also besides "Tombak "
another instruments like as Kasoure ,Daf ,Dayereh, Naghareh ,Damam and Kouze ,are used too.
Ferdousi and Iran :The most attractive feature of this work is the new and delicate use of
Ferdousi's poems .It is needed to mention that except 1 or 2 separate musical compositions that
are decorated by ferdousyi's poems ,have not exist any independent works in this field ever.
Perhaps his difficult and monotonous poems has created a repellent for musicians to use of that
poems .because at first all of Ferdousi's poems have a similar rhythms and second they are mixed
with narrations of some stories that separating and rearranging them will destroy the vertical
unity of poem .Regarding to this matter ,Mr.Cheraghi has chosen some versified sentences for
musical composition(Tasnif ) that have 2 features –independency and vertical unity –at once .
The first musical composition of this work –"from soil"-begins with the name of Iran :
A versified sentence of it is as bellow :
" Iran is like a garden in the jocund spring,whose happy blossoms never fail of flower.".Although
some versified sentences such as " The air was sweet ,the earth was beautiful / Thou wouldent
havesaid : " ’ Tis springs in summertime!""
There is not a reasonable relationship to Iran as subject ,but by using a special music and
versified sentences that are made and played based on inspiration of regional music and
instruments ,an unity is created among rhythms of this work that an audience attributes all of this
sentences to Iran involuntary .
The connection between musical instruments :
An important element that introduce "from mud and soil" comparing to another available work as
a special one is it's good music arrangement. the correct use of instruments regarding to their
different belonged cultures creates an unity and connection which will be understand in theme of
work .if composer was not so clever to recognize that ,we found a monotonous work ."from mud
and soil " is a narration of an epic that is hidden as a chocked tears in the past .if we believed
that our nation's need was love but now it is epic that can meet their feeling 's vacancy and it
will happen if different families of Iran connect to each other deeply .the connection and unity of
musical instruments can hopes us to belong an union and unanimous nation again .yes
"unanimity is better than consentient"
Thinking about death :Death is what makes an epical work eternal in the memories .it has a deep
influence in this work although it ends by musical composition famed "Spring "that performed in
Mahhor method of singing but another musical compositions such as "the old wheel of fortune "
,and "scent of affection " impose a sad mood to the work .And Balaban makes this feel stronger
while the used poems in this work are selected from that book of Ferdousi which he had versified
it on the occasion of the death of his child not on death of his epical champions .apparently ,if the
general mood of these musical compositions were not so sad ,the work had more effect on
audiences .Iranian audiences besides epic and beating instruments needs peace .as Ferdousi 's
speech :" Rejoice, increase and pass thy days and nights in mirth.
As the last point "from mud and soil "is a new work but with ancient musical instruments and
strong thought behind it .against some colleagues who are not hopeful for the success of this
work ,I beilive that it will get it's partisans soon. - Mr. Ezatallah Alvandi

"Iran best – selling music market - Step in the Sun Presence"

The Classic or traditional Iranian music fans have been waiting for more than two months to listen to
the latest album of Shahram Nazeri. Shahram Nazeri sees himself as a sever pioneer to use Molana
poems in his songs. He declared in domestic journals three months ago that his latest work is going
to be published for the occasion of Molana anniversary, but it `s not obvious the exact time of
coming out which has several names so far. As no specific works of art hasn `t come out to the
market of music since one month ago, Alireza Ghorbani has caught his fans attention to his works
with the help of his latest works. This time Under the Sun is his best-selling album. Under the Sun
has come out for the sake of 800th anniversary of Molana and has attracted a great series of
audiences . This piece of art is greatly welcomed by Ghorbani, Molana fans and those who love
Iranian musical instrument. The euphonious voice of Parviz Bahram is entangled with Shams words
made it more appealing.
Poem selection, music arrangement and usage of various musical instrument inspire Molana to the
audiences. These beautiful poems of Molana contain some declamations of Shams essays and
Articles too. These two albums contain two CDs , recognized in two different musical styles: Shoor
and Mahoor :one of them called ( summer and spring ) and another is ( fall and winter ).( 5 )
The mixture of instruments are designed in a way that revives the madness of Molana. This work of
art is the combination works of Alireza Ghorbani and Sadegh Cheraghi as composers and Roodaki
Hall of art and culture as director. Ghorbani and Cheraghi have cooperated to present the album
Soil-made which was specified to epic Ferdosi poems. We can `t introduce a personal work of art as
best –selling after Under the Sun. Our best-selling have been those in the past which are decreased
in comparison with previous month.
These days Alireza Ghorbani is one of the most popular singer in Iran music. He went forward with
the help of his album Soil-made and attracted many classic and local music fans. He has cooperated
firmly with Cheraghi to compose and arrange Soil-made and presented an epic performance along
with tribe band to his audiences. Cheraghi allocated all the pieces based on classic and local musical
instruments which were pleasant.
These days , for the occasion of Molana `s 800th anniversary Ghorbani has presented his second
work of art with the cooperation of cheragjhi. Under the Sun which is a bit similar to Soil-made
according to mixture and composition has attracted a lot to Ghorbani `s voice.
However we hear the name of Molana a lot these days and his literary works have been widely
published , Cheraghi and Ghorbani efforts are a kind of owe to Molana, their fans and those who
love Iranian music
Molana says: “ as impossible to get sea water - it `s feasible to sip” - Ali Tajoozi


EAL Ensemble
From mud and soil
( ?? ??? ? ??? )
Published by BARBAD MUSIC Inc. in 2005
Face to face with the sun
(??? ?? ????? )
Published by RODAKI Founda??on in 2007
Face to face with the sun (NO. 2)
( (??? ?? ????? ?
Published by RODAKI Founda??on 2007



EAL is an Iranian traditional-folk ensemble which is founded by a group of music graduated
people in 2000.The vast variety of cultures and ethnics in Iran has led to a vast diversity in EAL‘s
music. Besides performing folk pieces, EAL has composed many pieces based on Iranian folk.
Some of the EAL activities include composing different pieces for; 2 Na??onal TV serials sound
tracks, 4 theatres, clips and publishing 3 albums. The group has more than 100 performances in
Iran and Austria (2012),Czech (2012), France (2011), Ukraine (2011),Turkey, Brazil(2010),
Switzerland (2009), Bahrain & Kuwait(2008).