Eamon Alger

Eamon Alger


Inviting,compelling music that moves easily through a variety of styles and genres.Wellcrafted songs inspired by the "nuts and bolts"of everyday life


Like most kids I’ve been makin' up songs ever since I could talk; I just never bothered to stop. Once I started playing guitar (age 12 or so) it became "writing songs." Admittedly they got better
with time, but that same sense of fun and desire to
sing and play is still there! Whether it's Rock; Funk; Raegae; Blues;Americana; Celtic or Swing, the songs just write themselves whenever they are ready. " FLYING DREAMS" is Eamon Algers' first major release. Featuring an allstar cast of killer players that showcase a timeless collection of original tunes. Flying Dreams is an ecclectic mix of the dark and the light. From the Sax drenched blues of "Evil Twin"to the haunting fiddle on "Cliffs of Antrim" The songs and styles are all woven into a seamless flow that makes you feel good! Flying Dreams is available online at ZOOMOOZIC.COM, ITUNES, Rhapsody,and MINDBLOWINGMUSIC.NET Eamons' next C.D. "Seeing Persia"is a solo effort due out this spring Recent History

House musician at WyndhamPeaks in Telluride
Co. '04 & '05 and performed at the
TellurideBlues&Brews Festival '04

Opening act for:

Arlo Guthrie
Jerry Jeff Walker
Taj Mahal
Sam Bush
Little Feat


Evil Twin

Written By: Eamon Alger

I've seen your evil twin,in the corner of your smile,you can't hide your devil grin,it's just part of your style...I've seen your darker side when your shadow walked away,I watched you slip into the nite,without a single word to say...We all got our evil twin and he don't know wrong from right,I'll bet your sugar taste like sin,you better lock your doors at night


Flying Dreams;2005(full band) Seeing Persia;in progress(solo acoustic)

Set List

set lists vary but always include predominatly original work with covers of jazz standards;traditional bluegrass;blues;funk;ragae;rock;swing and folk songs