Eamon Harte

Eamon Harte

 Adelaide, South Australia, AUS

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Howdy Hi

Written By: Eamon Harte

Howdy Hi!
Eamon Harte


Howdy Hi! [Crowd response…Howdy hi!]
Now say goodbye! [Crowd response…Good bye!]


Unhitch one load / hitch up another
There’s nothing on the road / like me and my brother

Verse 1

Got my rig geared up and I’m ready to go
To get there fast I’ve got to leave slow
Police on my tail but I don’t mind
I’d rather be in front with them behind

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2

Got my foot on the pedal and my hand on the wheel
Only a trucker knows how another trucker feels
Looking down the road for the end of the line
Dragging my load in, right on time!

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3

I’ve got some pressure and I’ve got some stress
But I should be home again in a day or less
Then we can have some time alone
Lock the doors, unplug the phone!

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Verse 1 and Chorus