E and the Resistance

E and the Resistance

 Chesterfield, South Carolina, USA

E and the Resistance has a sound that's both very familiar and oddly different from everything. It's like Bob Dylan meets The Roots. It has elements from almost every genre of music. With influences from throughout the last 50 years. If I had to describe an album I'd say, It sounds like a soundtrack


This is Eric E'MECHANISM Meachum and the demos that sum up his life. He grew up in the 1980's and became a sponge to all the musical styles of the time. This soon became evident as he first picked up a guitar. Although it did not have all the strings, he quickly began to teach himself how to play. The first original song was born only ten years after the songwriter. The more he played the more noticeable influences of styles like jazz, folk, and early hip-hop became in his writing. According to his family, at the time, "He discovered his gift early, and we knew he was going to be special". More people began to take notice and soon he developed a fanbase. As the songwriting continued, it was apparent he had found his calling. Some time has passed, but the writing and playing continue. Making music for more than fifteen years, Eric has written several hundred songs. As he sits today, stuck in a small, dead-end town, he has never stopped honing his song writing skills. He plays multiple instruments now, and the early influences have gained hints of Hayden, Beck, David Gray, Prince and Dr. Dre.


E and the Resistance - The Good Toys Are Broken
E'MECH - The Vault Presents DEFAULT
E and the Resistance - Homemade Masterpiece