Ear Gasm

Ear Gasm

 Columbus, Ohio, USA

Experimenting with your ears while keeping the party alive. Gorgeous melodies, sci-fi synths, and aggressive bass define the ever evolving live sets meant to drive the crowd into frenzy with intensely textured passages. Live drumming and instrumental improvisation accompany the futuristic beats.


We are three multi-instrumentalists who have taken a notice that technology is rapidly evolving dance music into something far beyond the simplistic throbbing of the past. Richly detailed and intricately rhythmic synths are coming to the forefront, and we embrace this wholeheartedly while in no way forsaking our background in traditional instrumentation. Our origins lie in progressive rock, math rock, post-rock, and all things experimental. We have now set our sights on integrating our influences ranging from Frank Zappa to Flying Lotus, King Crimson to Crystal Castles, into a danceable Ear Gasm.


Self-titled EP is available streaming on all our websites.

Set List

Varies with set length.