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Earl Donald

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2017

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Electronic Downtempo




"Shadow Visions – Earl Donald (reviewed by Dave Franklin)"

I’m not really sure how Earl Donald does it but Shadow Visions is both a love letter and a goodbye note to a city. It shimmers with the night time allure of the modern urban world, the soulful brass sounds adding a touch of sophistication to the busy beats and electronic washes. But somehow there is also the overwhelming and impersonal feeling of being lost in all the hustle and bustle of the modern metropolis.

What’s even more interesting is his ability to set up such a dichotomy of feeling using such a laid back vibe. The weight of the city and feeling of claustrophobia coming from the myriad textures and deft layering rather than any cheap use of speed or volume. And it is the perfect approach, the urban world being an array of sounds, some close up, many half-heard or perhaps not even consciously registered. And such it is with this clever use of less is more sonic engineering. - Dancing About Architecture

"Earl Donald Shadow Visions"

Musically there’s a beautiful level of nostalgia to the track Shadow Visions. Fresh from the EP Where You Know Yourself, the song bursts through with immediate warmth, colour, and optimistic energy.

Production-wise there’s a contemporary clarity to the sound that’s easy to appreciate – turn it up loud and let the whole thing rain down around you. In terms of the building blocks within though, the track partly tips its hats to the EDM-pop hits of yesteryear, and partly veers off down some notably creative, industrial-meets-organic pathway. These flickers of character shine all the more brightly the further into the song you get.

Melodically and vocally Earl Donald injects an emotional and almost punk-pop-like performance into the release. The level of detail in the story-line lays bare an intimate and honest reality. The verse melody is surprisingly long-form, meandering throughout this otherwise calming soundscape in a fairly unpredictable way. You notice the rhythm of the voice though, and certain lines really stand out and connect.

By the time it’s all over and done with, you miss the fullness of the sound and the refreshingly open, passionate lyricism and tone of that leading voice. The rest of the EP is equally creative and unpredictable.

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Where You Know Yourself



A new act on the streets of Toronto, Earl Donald is the recording project of multi-instrumentalist/producer James Cuvilier. Cuvilier introduced this new project with the release of the EP Where You Know Yourself in the fall of 2018. On WYKY, Cuvilier explores a laid-back minimalist electronic sound featuring melodic vocals and swirling synth lines.
Cuvilier began writing early song ideas that would later become the basis of Earl Donald following a relocation to Toronto in 2017. Both the excitement of city life and the feeling of isolation in a modern metropolis play heavily into the sound and quality of Cuvilier’s music.
Originally from Edmonton, Cuvilier played in the local indie and punk scene for years. In his most recent project, MoonMuseum, Cuvilier opened for the likes of Teen Daze, Beach Season, and Old Man Canyon, and toured extensively across Western Canada.

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