Earl Grey And Croquet

Earl Grey And Croquet

 Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZAF

Earl Grey And Croquet’s style of music thus varies, incorporating folk with blues, alternative with psychedelic rock and other styles, all of which just seem to fit and sound right.

We pride ourselves in being unique and letting people enjoy us for who we are.


Press quotes:

Reviewing albums of South African bands normally ends with me deciding one of two things, the album either sucks and I mentally use it as a coaster – or – it is a great album. From the 21st century is a great album – Joe Diedericks, Digital Life magazine

From the 21st Century is seven-track EP that showcases this band’s remarkable talent and unique brand of originality – Chase Richards – iMod

Earl Grey And Croquet are fresh, funky and have a passion for music that is great to see in a young an fairly new band – Viviana Bastiotto – Teen Zone magazine

We are Earl Grey And Croquet - four young musicians and friends with a unique and original approach to music, song writing and performing.

When we began to understand the pure joy of playing music together as friends, it quickly became a way to vent feeling and emotion, that which is true, expressive and above all: exciting. Our music entertains and stimulates, taking audience’s on a trips of highs and lows, thrills and chills all with easy-to-listen-to, innovative music.

Earl Grey And Croquet have a diverse following of fans of all cultures and ages who enjoy their unique sound and energetic stage presence.

Our diverse following must be because of our eclectic mix of varying musical influences: from old school legends like Neil Young, Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan to new age bands like Kings Of Leon, aKing, Counting Crows and The Killers.

Over the years, our own compositions have become well known with hundreds of fans. That said, we also enjoy doing covers; songs like Lynyrd Skynyrd’s ‘Free Bird’, Bob Dylan’s – ‘Like a Rolling Stone’, and Kings Of Leon’s – ‘King of the Rodeo’.

Earl Grey And Croquet’s stage show is a professional act, led by energetic and lively Laurie Sloan, with the two brothers, Chris and Jonny Smith keeping the beat alive and moving. Dan ‘the man’ Millar on bass, keeps the songs grounded with his steady and groovy riffs. As musicians, but more-so as friends, we live, play and enjoy our music.

Earl Grey And Croquet’s music is of a kind to be shared and enjoyed. After all, in its essence, at its core, it’s just good people playing good songs – with a little intensity and emotion thrown in too.

The band are endorsed by Casio and Dawson Eco Plectrums.


From the 21st Century (2010)